Barry M Lipstick

Recently bought this barry m lipstick (TMLP) for about £4 from superdrug. It is quite expensive for lipstick but it is barry m after all!

Your first thought probably is “omg it’s green, ew” but even though it’s green it comes out a totally different colour. When it hits your skin it goes to the actual shade of pink/red you suit the most which i found amazing. It comes out a dark pinky red for me, which i’d never normally go for but now that i’ve tried it i’ll definitely be wearing it more often and probably purchase some more darker shades also. If you put it on your hand it doesn’t come off that well, as my boyfriend just tried a second ago and now has a bright pink hand.

This has definitely been one of my best make up purchases in a long time and i’d definitely recommend it.


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