The Perfect Wedding


At the end of July myself and my boyfriend Colin attended our friends wedding in England. It was a days trip to get there from Scotland (around about 9 hours) but was totally worth it for their special day. I must admit I done a lot of pokemon hunting and eating Macdonalds on the way there.

I woke up with the sun shining through the hotel window and prayed it would stay dry for their day. It didn’t of corse, typical British weather! I had a 9am breakfast and then spent 3 hours getting ready. I done a subtle make up look using golds and browns for my eyeshadow. Unfortunately I stupidly didn’t take any close up photos to share, but I’ll do a similar look soon on my blog. I then spent 1 hour curling my hair and finished it off by adding a small pink fascinator which honestly,  I haven’t been a massive fan of, but this converted me.


My outfit is from Ted Baker (briefly mentioned in July Favourites) the skirt has pink through it so I was wanting pink accessories to brighten up the outfit. I bought gorgeous heels from asos, which I really could’t walk in.. but they looked pretty. As soon as I changed into my flats for dancing, of corse I got asked by people why I changed as they loved my shoes, typical, also I bought a large pink scarf from a small shop where I live and used that as a throw over, for when I got cold.

As we waited for the gorgeous bride we all gathered and had a few drinks with the groom. I snuck away and took a few photos of their special touches they added. They had a basket full of love hearts which you wrote your name on and popped it into the two large ones which I thought was a lovely idea, there were pink decorations to match the pink theme, and lots of fairy lights, their wedding cake was beautifully decorated and it was the person that made Dan’s parents wedding cake, which I thought was a really special touch.


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Then was the time for Lauren to make her grande entrance with their beautiful daughter as their flower girl. After vows and the signing of marriage was done, photos were taken, which unfortuntely the rain poured down for!

We all took our places at our table for the gourmet meal that was on offer. As a personal touch Dan (who is obsessed with lego) made little lego people who looked like each guest. We didn’t get to keep the lego people but he did make them into fridge magnets for us all to keep, which is now on show on our fridge.



After the speeches and meal, Dan informed us he made a slide show made out of lego of his and Laurens life together so far, which was such a unique idea to bring to the most perfect day.

Then was time for the disco! After a lot of dancing and drinks, at 12 o’clock we made our way back to our hotel room and crashed out. It was such an amazing day, and gutted it’s all over. I absolutely love a good wedding and getting to see everybodys different idea, and intake to their special day.

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