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This month a lot of students old and new are heading off to uni, so I thought I’d do a blog post on things you can buy to make your room, or new place more homely. I’m loving the homeware in Next right now, and found this to be one of the cheapest places to find things, apart from your trusty Primark and other high street stores.





Set of 2 Mirrors | £12 |  Very basic, I know, but these set of mirrors for £12 you can’t go wrong. They can also be a right statement piece on your wall and take any bland boring wall, and give it a bit more character.














Alphabet Scented Candle | £4| I’m obsessed right now with homeware pieces which have your initial on. So, I came across these which I adore, also I love the candles from next, and have a few around my bedroom which smell amazing! This is a simple statement, which would look lovely on your desk, or dresser. You can get them in any letter, and might even grab myself a ‘K’ one.










3 Hanging Metal Frames | £14 | Pictures can make any house a home, and bring a personal touch to your place. I love metal, rustic looking frames right now, and think this is gorgeous. In the second frame down it has ‘Life is Beautiful’ in one of the frames, which brings an extra unique touch.












Ombre Geo Print Duvet Set | £15-£45 | You can either buy a plain set of duvet sheets and go simple, or brighten up the place with a patterned cover. I chose this, as this is what I’d definitely go for! I am loving geometric prints right now, especially this cover pictured! Might even need to buy this myself!
















Laundry Bag | £10 | Very simple, but It’s something that everyone needs! I love designs like these right now, it’s quite plain, but gives a statement either in your bedroom, or bathroom!












Where do you buy your homeware for Uni? I’d love to know!


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