4 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

So, if your like me and like to leave things to the last minute, then carry on reading. I know what I’m going as for Halloween this year, hallelujah! But some people don’t! So, I thought I’d do make up looks that can be quick to do. Pinterest inspired me a lot for this! So also check there, you find some amazing ideas!




Minnie Mouse.

I went as dead minnie mouse last year, so I have the ears handy. But you can get a plain headband and fabric and make your own, it’s really easy to do. I’ll leave a link here on how to make some. I started off by doing just a simple eye look and cat eye flick with black eyeliner, then got some black paint, I used a paint stick but any face paint will do, and added a black circle on my nose with a white mark on my nose, as she has. Then red lipstick to finish. It’s really simple, and you can throw on a red dress to finish. I love how easy this look is especially when your in a rush.



Harley Quinn

This will probably be the most common look this year, due to the movie release a few months back, but it’s a simple look to do. All you need is pink and blue eyeshadow and your pretty much done. I added pink to my right eye and blue shadow to my left. It doesn’t need to be neat as her’s is quite messy .I then added a thicker cat eye, and a love heart below my right eye like Harley Quinn has. If you want to go a step further you can add pink and blue to the ends of your hair. I didn’t have dye so couldn’t do that, but if I was doing this look I would definitely be going all out. You can buy them no doubt in your local supermarket as there’s a lot of hair dye right now, being Halloween in all!




So thought I’d add a little twist onto the cat look I was originally going for and adding the spots to create a Cheetah instead of just a plain old cat. I done a casual eye look, but would add eyelashes to this look, but didn’t have any! This would create a more bold look! I went all out for the eyeliner, adding thick liner to the inner and outer of my eyes. First, I got white paint and added that under my nose, ( as you can see in picture) and blended it so it wasn’t so harsh. Then I got black face paint and added whiskers, black to my nose and top lip. Then for the spots I got a bronzer and drew on circles with the bronzer. They don’t need to be any specific way, the more the better! I then added black paint to either side of the dots. I’ll leave a link here of tips on how to do the best spots for your Cheetah look. I’d add cat ears to, you can get really pretty ones from New Look right now!



Double Makeup Look.

This was the hardest look I’ve done, and it looks bad, I know. If I had more time to sit and work on this I know it would look amazing. You don’t need any face paint, just your normal everyday makeup and a steady hand. You are basically just recreating your make up look, but moving it down below your eyes. Tricky I know. The only tip I’d give when doing this is use a brown or grey eyeliner for the drawing of the eyes and nose, and have a white eyeliner handy for the white of your eyes. Other than that, it’s just a replica of your make up, which can’t be that hard right?




  1. Louise Lavery
    October 28, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    you look so cute as wee Minnie Mouse. Just wanna pinch your nose!

    • karinahe
      October 28, 2016 / 3:43 pm

      Thanks gal! 😂😘

  2. karinahe
    October 31, 2016 / 10:43 pm

    Thank you love!

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