The Power Of Makeup


I have wanted to do this for a while. It can be quite nerve-racking going make up free. Especially online and to people you don’t know! I however, don’t have that problem, as I usually go make up free to work, with maybe adding a little bit of mascara. I think every girl, or male, should be comfortable in their own skin, and it’s taken me a long time to accept that nobody is perfect. Any of those actors, actresses, singers etc, you see online and in magazines look in the mirror and see something they don’t like to.

Nowadays everyone feels pressured to look good, and have that summer body that the magazines say takes, 2 weeks to achieve, that’s not reality! It takes hard work, and a lifestyle change at times to achieve looking ‘good’. Whatever that may be! I know myself, for example, being in a relationship, you get comfortable with that person and eat more. I’ve been at that stage for two years, and I sit and tell my boyfriend how rubbish I look, that my tummy is a little bigger than it used to, and I don’t look slim in my body con dress, but I look healthy, I am healthy, and that’s the main thing! He tells me I look beautiful every single day, and I should believe him, as there are times I look in the mirror and think ‘Karina, you look pretty good today’, and that’s the way to be!

The Power of Makeup challenge is great, as you get to see behind the ‘mask’ of makeup. I hate my nose, it’s larger than I’d like, so contour is my best friend, but as much as I’d love to change it and get one smaller, it’s part of me, and the way I look. I am a half and half mix of my Mum and Dad, I’d say I don’t look to much like one to the other, so I know I have my mum’s nose, my Dad’s eyes and chubby cheeks, or the ‘Turnbull cheeks’ as it gets called in my family, I have my Mum’s small mouth and my Dad’s blonde hair. I’m glad when I look in the mirror I see both of them, it makes me proud of being apart of the two most beautiful and caring human beings I know!

So, here I am, half ‘everyday’ make up and bare faced me. Don’t feel pressured into looking perfect, you all are, and are all beautiful.




I look so miserable in this photo, total sorry about that! Aha! Would you ever consider doing ‘The Power of Makeup’ let me know in the comments below!


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