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Okay, so I’ve only recently watched all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, and a couple of days ago they released 4 new 90 minute episodes. Every Gilmore Girls fan was having a complete freak out that they were finally releasing more episodes, so we can finally find out what happens next. This is my review on it.

*Contains Spoilers

Ok, first I love the whole concept of it being in different seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall, it really bought a great feel to show, and thought it was different as hadn’t seen any other tv show do that before. There was one thing everyone was talking about though, ‘were Luke and Lorelai together’? and ‘who was Rory with’?

What I hoped would happen? I was hoping Luke and Lorelai were still together, and that Rory was with Logan. Now, most people I know wanted her to end up with Jess, for me that wasn’t the case. I am obsessed with Logan and thought they were honestly the better couple out of Dean and Jess.

So, when it starts off with Luke and Lorelai clearly showing they are together, I was so pleased.. but not pleased as still no wedding? Anyway, it quickly went to the back of my mind when Rory showed up, as I was itching to know who she was with, and then when ‘Paul’ came onto the scene, I was not impressed, haha! I honestly thought his character was pretty pointless and we seen a whole new Rory, who I wasn’t too sure If I liked at that point! Then.. Logan showed up, and I could of honestly cried happy tears, as I am obsessed with Matt Czuchry! Their ‘friends with benefit’ relationship upset me so much, as you could see they still love each other a lot, and was just dying for them to get together throughout the whole thing, until they bombshell was dropped that indeed he was engaged!! WHAAAAT!?

The story line I was dreading coming up was Richard’s death, as sadly 2 years ago Edward Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore sadly passed away. I knew I’d cry when the picture got released before the episodes aired that they were holding a funeral for Richard. The way they handled the funeral and each characters emotions, especially Kelly Bishop who plays Emily, his wife, who deserves an award for her acting in that. It was real, and made me cry a lot!

I like how they also showed that not every happy, loving relationship is easy, and that Lorelai went away to clear her head by hiking, and found herself while doing that! Her phone call to her mother, made me bawl my eyes out! It was raw, and very much an amazing piece of acting. Also, I love how they show that even if you have your life on the correct path with college/uni and a great jobs, it doesn’t always work out, and with Rory throughout all 7 seasons of having a pretty clear career path, it took a turn and you found out she didn’t have a clue what she wanted, and where to start. That’s real life, and I could easily relate to her character then!

Logan’s departure from the show, was one I absolutely loved, even though I was sad to see him leave. The surprise of showing up to Stars Hallow with the life and death brigade and taking Rory on a night she wouldn’t forget, really warmed my heart. Their goodbye was lovely, with a last final kiss and him taking a picture with his memory of her, that really was wonderful!

Everyone was awaiting Jess and Dean’s appearance in the show, and it honestly felt like I waited ages for them to show up in the show, the stress was real! When Jess eventually showed up and it was made clear he wasn’t in any relationship, and still focusing on his career as an author it made me slightly happy, he had changed and was very much still in love with Rory. His final scene of him looking in to Rory from the window, broke my heart! Could there still be hope for those two? Who knows! Dean arrived finally, and they finally put closure of his and Rory’s relationship! He was married with kids, and seemed happy! At least someone was! And you can’t forget that good old corn starch storyline being brought up for the final time!

When Lorelai comes back from the hike and announces she wants to get married, I was so happy, as finally Luke can have his happily ever after with her! Kirk’s meltdown the night before the wedding when he said he messed everything up, made me laugh so much, as I honestly love Kirk’s character! It was lovely, when in fact they decided to sneak out and get married the night before their wedding and then do it all again on the actual day. It was a simple night, with the pretty background of Kirk’s handy work, which he made an amazing job might I add!

The whole change of career path for Rory, ¬†and her writing a ‘Gilmore Girls’ book was a clever idea. I was annoyed at Lorelai for being so supportive of everything Rory did, but this she complete went against her. I could get that she was mad, but not mad enough for her to completely stop her book. I’m glad that the outcome of the situation was the one I wanted to happen!

It was also wondeful seeing everyone else grown up, and happy with their lives. Lane and Zack and their kids was lovely, to see them all grown up and they are still doing their music thing. Sookie, who I wish we seen more off, but still looked as fabulous as ever, and glad that her and Lorelai have a great friendship. Everyone else too, it was nice seeing everyone come back together for this occasion.

The final four words. What the.. I am still in shock, I didn’t sleep that night as I was trying to rack my brains around the fact they could leave it on such a cliffhanger. Rory is pregnant who would of thought!? It all comes back down to Logan as being the father, but could it be a twist and be someone else!? I really hope they answer who the Dad is or even do more episodes! Who knows though!!


What did you Gilmore Girl fans think of the revival? Yes I’ve missed a lot out, but I don’t want to spoil everything for people who haven’t watched it yet!





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