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For the past few years now for 1 week near the end of November my town holds a winter festival, with the turning on of christmas lights, markets, concerts and activities for kids to do. It tends to go down really well as being such a small community we are supportive when it comes to events held here. The start of the Winter Festival was on Friday the 18th November. A Scottish musician, Michael Cassidy came up as part of his tour to play at the back of one of our restaurants. It’s a gorgeous little place with fairy lights, and a christmas tree was in place behind the stage! There’s even windows behind the stage that looks into our distillery, which gives it such a rustic feel!

There were 3 local musicians that night as support acts, Elissa Conway, Faileas and Colin Maclean (I’ll leave links below). It’s special when local musicians play here, as there isn’t much of a music scene in Oban where they can perform so it’s nice when everyone gets together to support them! Each act had a 20 minute set, so we all got a right good feel of their sound. I’m lucky enough to have seen them all live before, so I couldn’t wait to hear my favourite songs! Elissa Conway kicked off the night, she has an amazing voice, powerful to, and it was just her and a guitar, which was beautiful. Next were, Faileas. They are quite new to the local music scene, but are absolutely amazing live! For two girls, their voices and harmonies are totally on point! They have a folk/traditional feel to their music, with singing Gaelic to, so it makes you feel proud to be Scottish when they sing. Next, was my boyfriend Colin Maclean. I feel like a right fangirl when I see him live, as literally every time he sings, I’m there at the side singing along. He plays his own acoustic music, and soon to have a band behind him, which will make his music sound even better than it is right now. If you go out with a musician, you will understand how proud they make you feel when they are up there singing, there is no better feeling!

Then, Michael Cassidy came on stage and started to perform. It was just him and his guitar, which I was very excited about, as last time I seen him live, there was a band with him. ¬†The way the place is set out, the seating is built into the wall, with a large space in the middle for dancing. Michael asked his second song in, if people would like to sit in the empty space, and a crowd of us sat in front of his mic, singing along to old and new songs. It was a relaxing, and heartwarming gig. It was nice just sitting chilled out with a drink, listening to an amazing artist live. I prefer that to any other performances I see, if i’m honest.



If you get a chance to see any of these musicians live, if you ever come to Scotland, or live here, please do. They are such a talented bunch of people! If any of them tour, I’ll put it up on my blog, as I don’t want you to miss out!



Michael Cassidy.





Also on Spotify to, just type in ‘Michael Cassidy’ the album is called ‘My Electric Heart’.

Colin Maclean (Third Lion in the Ark)







Elissa Conway







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