3 Books You Need To Read At Christmas | Blogmas | Day 18


At Christmas time it’s not just Christmas movies I like to watch, it’s also Christmas books too! Here are my top 3 books I’ve enjoyed reading over the festive period.


The Christmasaurus | Tom Fletcher

This is a new book that only got released a couple of months ago, but this is one of my favourites. This is a kids book, but since I am a massive fan of Mcfly, and Tom Fletcher I went to his book signing, and got this book signed by him. This got me right into the Christmas spirit and had me smiling ear to ear at points. This book is fabulously written, and had a right laugh at times whilst reading. There’s nothing better than reading a book, and laughing. This is a easy read, yes, as this is for a younger audience, but sometimes you need to be taken right back to being a kid again, and this definitely did! This is also getting turned into a movie, and a stage performance! I’ll leave links down below on that!


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Dream a little Christmas Dream | Giovanna Fletcher

Now Giovanna, wife of Tom Fletcher who I just mentioned above, is one of my favourite authors and she released a book called ‘Dream a little Christmas Dream’ a short story of the follow up from ‘ Dream a little Dream’. You would obviously need to read Dream a little Dream first, but I wouldn’t be mentioning this if it was a rubbish book would I? I read both these books so fast, as it’s a book that you can’t put down, and definitely one of my favourite books she’s released so far!



Dashing Through the Snow | Debbie Macomber

This book is such a romantic Christmas novel, but who doesn’t like a bit of romance reading at Christmas time? I bought this last Christmas, and read it a couple of days ago again, as I remembered it being so good from last year! This is quite a short book, so you would get through it pretty quickly, but it’s such a wonderful story, that I hope you all get the pleasure of reading! I also released while doing this post this is also a movie! So guess what I’ll be doing this week!



The Christmasaurus on stage | Tickets here.


What are your favourite books to read at Christmas time? I’d love to find out! Leave a comment below!




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