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Buying gifts for ladies can be hard! Trust me, I am one and buying for my Mum is impossible. So, these really help me, as I can scroll through different websites and really put my all into finding the perfect gifts. There’s a little something for everyone in here. Enjoy!


For the makeup lovers

The Cheaper Option


Beauty Bay : The Collection

I am obsessed with Beauty Bay, you find some amazing brands on there, some you might not of heard of, but have the most amazing products. This year for Christmas they have released something called ‘Beauty Bay, The Collection’ it’s a makeup bag filled with the essentials for the perfect make up look! There are ‘The Mulberry’, ‘Classic Smokey’, ‘Neutrals’ and so many more amazing looks. There are even makeup bags with lip products too! The products in these are worth more than the bags themselves, so definitely go and have a look at them! These range in price from £18.00 to £60.00. Have a look, you will be pleasantly surprised!

The ‘Little Bit More Expensive’ Option


Dior : 24 Hour All-in-One Palette

This is an absolute stunning palette! It has a little bit of everything, subtle light eye shadows for day, and darker for night, a blush, powder, a pink and red lip product and brushes to apply each product with. Dior is a make up brand I have fallen in love with, and their products are definitely worth the price. It’s a bit on the expensive side at £61.20 but if you are wanting to splurge for that special someone, this is definitely worth a think about!



For the ‘being cosy’ lovers


Pyjama Set : Miss Guided – £18

Everyone needs a nice pair of pjs to wear, and even though they may not look the cosiest, they do look comfy, and comfort is sometimes all you need.  I love the off shoulder top and grey bottoms, they are also quite a fashionable pair of pjs too!




Grey Robe – £26

Everyone needs a dressing gown, there’s nothing better than putting on your pjs, slippers and dressing gown after a long day of work! I have one really similar to this, and i just love the grey and white together, and there’s a hood too!


For the perfume lovers

The Cheaper Option


Little Mix : Gold Magic Perfume | 24.99

I adore this perfume, and searched to find a cheap perfume that I loved, and knew it smelt nice. This is a fruity scent, quite sweet. So if the person you are buying for loves a sweet scent, this is definitely something you should go and buy.


The ‘Little Bit More Expensive’ Option


Paco Rabanne : Lady Million | £40

This is my signature scent, and a lot of people always rave about this. That’s why last year I asked for this for Christmas knowing I’d love it. I can not stop using this. It is expensive but totally worth the price!


For The Jewellery Lovers


Vintage Elegance Ring : £60

So, I am fussy about rings, but seeing as I went into Pandora myself and picked out this gorgeous ring for my Christmas, I thought I’d share this so you or someone else you know could buy it for Christmas! It’s absolutely stunning, and the way it hits the light, it’s just beautiful!



Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet : £60

I came across Thomas Sabo charm bracelets when I was last in the city, and they are gorgeous! You get so many gorgeous charms for them, and such a thoughtful gift for Christmas. You get so many different styles of bracelets so definitely check it out!























  1. jen
    December 1, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    oh wow those misguided pyjamas! they look sooo comfy – i need them!

    jen / velvet spring xxx

  2. karinahe
    December 5, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    Happy Blogmas to you to, lovely! X

  3. December 5, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    Awesome post chick. Lady millions is such a signature scent. I like the olympea one too 👌🏽 Xxx

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