Gifts For Him | Christmas Guide | Blogmas | Day 2

Is it just me who find guys impossible to buy for? I know my partner so well, but yet I can never find anything he’d like. So, here’s my gift guide for guys. Enjoy!


For The Aftershave Lovers

The More Affordable.


The Body Shop : Activist | £15

I went into The Body Shop for this post so I could smell each one, and this one was by far my favourite scent, but the scent ‘White Musk’ is a popular choice as well. I always forget how amazing the body shop is, so definitely go in and check out their scents!

The Little Bit More Expensive Option


Hugo Boss : Night | £40

This is also my favourite scent for guys. Hugo Boss always have fantastic scents, and even though it can be a little risky to buy guys scents, you honestly can’t go wrong with Hugo Boss!


The Gadget Lover



Sky Drone Pro V2 : £79.99

Drone’s are really popular this year, and are going down in price for Christmas. So if you know someone who likes going out and taking pictures, and fancies something a little different, you should definitely consider, or look into getting them a drone. They come in all different sizes too.



Infinity Virtual Reality Headset : £29.99

I’ve seen these advertised everywhere right now! You can put your phone into the headset, and anything you watch or play comes to life! I’ve always wanted to try one of these, so anyone who has please leave your thoughts in the comments below! Every review I’ve read so far, are great ones, so this would be a perfect gift.


The One Who Loves Music


Beat by Dr Dre : £89.99

These are cheaper than the usual beats by Dr Dre, but apparently sound the same, so I thought I’d add these in, even if they are still on the little expensive side. You always need to spend that little bit extra on a good pair of headphones!


Crosley Record Player : £69.99

Record players this year are very popular, and are selling out everywhere, especially as there are such good deals on right now! If you know someone who loves music, and fancies something a big different this is the perfect gift!


Still struggling?

You can get so many gift cards these days for book lovers, fashion lovers, gaming lovers.. you name it! It’s always difficult if you aren’t sure what to get someone, and gift cards and money can be a life saver at times. That way, you know they are getting something they love!







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