Gingerbread House FAIL | Blogmas | Day 22



I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house, I always see people on my Facebook making them, and making theirs look all festive. So, I got a bit excited when there was a kit in Tesco to make a gingerbread house. It was all made already, so technically I just had to add icing to 6 big slabs of gingerbread, and done. WRONG. I majorly messed up, I mean, who knew it would be hard to decorate a gingerbread house? Not me!

This was the kit. and on the back was instructions, which I stuck to. Surprisingly the actual house stayed together with icing, which made me think at the time, ‘hey, I am actually pretty good at this’.






It said to leave it 15 minutes so the icing would dry before I started to decorate, I didn’t listen as got a bit too excited. I started of by putting icing around the edges of the roof, and already my problems were showing. It was melting.. I wish I filmed the panic in my face, as my little dream of being a pretty good gingerbread house decorator went out the window fast, haha!

I added more icing to see if that would help.. it didn’t! Then, I decided to just start decorating around the window and door frames, as the outline was there it was just a easy, go around the lines with the icing. Wrong again. Icing definitely has a mind of it’s own as it just wasn’t going right for me at all!



I thought I’d take a break from the house decorating and concentrate on the tree and gingerbread man that sit outside the house. That wasn’t too bad actually, I made the tree look as cute as possible by adding little sweets that looks like baubles onto the tree, and just added a little icing to my gingerbread man.



Then, I went back to the house and decorated the roof, which I am pretty proud of! I can make those little sweets stay on the roof, but not the icing.. beats me! I then added a little jelly sweet to the arch of the roof, and hard candy to the top of the roof, as it looked pretty on the house that was on the box.

And that’s my little gingerbread house complete! I’ve already ate the tree and gingerbread man, and I must say, they tasted yummy! What fun things are you getting up to over the festive period? Let me know in the comments below!







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