My Christmas Wrapping | Blogmas | Day 16



I thought this year I’d put a little more effort into my wrapping skills. I always wrap my presents last minute, and get annoyed at myself that I don’t put a little effort into wrapping presents. So, I went online and bought some lovely and bright festive wrapping paper from Amazon. This was through the Debenhams shop on there so it was cheaper than on their website. I got 4 rolls of paper and ribbon for £4 which I thought was a pretty good deal, as it was originally £8!

I usually just wrap presents and done. Leave it at that. So, I thought I’d add some pretty bright pink ribbon and get myself some candy canes to tie to each gift. A very small gesture, but it looks very pretty on top of their gift.



I bought these candy canes in a local shop in my hometown. They do all different kinds of candy cane, much to my excitement! I bought Tutti Frutti (Pictured above), Coca Cola, Peppermint and Black Cherry. I honestly never knew they done so many flavours, and it’s something totally different to the usual candy canes you receive.


I thought lastly, I’d put my presents in cute little bags I found in Tesco. They had some really nice ones this year, so I thought I’d grab a few as they are nice to present your presents in, and you can even recycle the bag for other gifts in future years to come!


I hope you enjoyed this short blog today, of how I’ve decided to wrap my gifts this year. How are you wrapping yours? Homemade paper? Shop bought? Let me know in the comments below!





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