Pets Gift Guide | Blogmas | Day 9

You can’t forget your pets when it comes to Christmas. This is the first year it’s just been my dog i’m buying for, as sadly I lost my 19 year old cat, earlier this year. So, I am going a little over board in the pet department this year for my dog, Spencer. Here are my favourite gifts for pets this year! Enjoy!



Dino Dog Toy | £12

I think this is the cutest little guy, ever and I  need him! Maybe a little more on the expensive side for a dog toy, but usually the more expensive are the ones that are tougher than the rest. So if you have a dog that likes to rip apart their toys within seconds, you could try this cute dinosaur!!


Reindeer  Dog Toy | £3.73

I ‘awwww’d’ when I seen this toy. He’s so cute, and I love the tartan on him too! This looks a softer toy, but at £3.73 it’s a pretty good price for a dog toy!


Christmas Pets Parcel | £15

I think this is an amazing idea that pets at home have thought of this year, and put together 5 secrets gifts to put into your pets on ‘Pets Parcel’. £15 is such an affordable price, and receiving 5 gifts as well, is pretty fantastic for the price of these.


Sock Monkey Puppet | £5.50

If you have a puppy this Christmas why not get him/her an adorable sock monkey toy! There’s 3 colours to choose from, and kind of wishing I had a puppy now, so I could buy all of these!


Bone Shaped Dog Toy | £2.50

I am definitely someone who loves supporting small companies on Etsy. I came across this gorgeous handmade dog toy and had to add this to my gift guide, and that price is super affordable too!




Felted Wool Cat Toy | £3.47

After scrolling through reading these amazing reviews, I thought I’d mention this. Again, a small Etsy company that makes felt wool balls for cats to play with, at an affordable price too!


Holly Cat Teaser Toy | £4

This is blooming adorable with its candy cane stick and little holly at the end, every cat who loves to play with toys would love this for their Christmas!


Feather Wand Toy | £6.31

These are so cute, and I am loving the penguin wand! Cat’s love feathers, and if you have never bought one for your cat before, you definitely won’t be disappointed as they go mad for toys like this!


For Other Pets..


Reindeer Hamster House | £6

I now want a hamster after seeing this gift. I mean look at it!? It’s so adorable!


Pet Parcel For Rabbits/Guinea Pigs | £10

Just like the dog pet parcels they do them for your fluffy little pets too, as you can’t forget them! For the gifts you receive, it’s a fantastic price at £10.


Do you buy your pets presents? If so, what have you bought them this year?






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  1. December 9, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Love this! Will definitely be buying my pets presents this year 😂

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