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I thought I’d do a post on who I am loving to watch on youtube this year for Vlogmas. I love to cosy up on the couch after a day of work and catch up on my favourites who are participating in Vlogmas this year. Here are my favourites, you might even find somebody new to watch this year too!


Zoe Sugg | Zoella

Zoe is definitely no stranger to doing vlogmas, and ’24 days of Zoella’, and this year is no different! I have watched every single video so far that she has posted on her main channel, and vlog channel and she is getting me right in the Christmas mood. Im actually sad that it’s all almost over, as really enjoying her videos this year!


Niomi Smart

In recent months I have seen myself go onto youtube and go straight for Niomi’s channel. So, when she announced she was going to do vlogmas for the first time I was very excited! Each day she’s had quite exciting stuff on, and I’ve loved sitting down at night watching her videos!


Tanya Burr

I love Tanya, and she has done vlogmas for a few years now. She’s so cute, and has so much fun filming her vlogs, it makes me feel excited to have a few days off over Christmas and get stuck right in and do some festive activities!


Tom Fletcher

It’s no secret I love Tom Fletcher, so I was so happy when he announced that he’d be trying to do vlogmas. You follow him along in some exciting projects that he’s doing with his book ‘The Christmasaurus’ and also see him just having some Dad days at home with his gorgeous kids Buzz and Buddy. They are shorter videos than most I’ve mentioned, but I’ve loved them all the same!


Giovanna Fletcher

Tom’s wife, Gi is also doing vlogmas, and I love how they film things completely different even with them spending most days in their home together. They are very family oriented vlogs, but they are so different to the other videos I’ve been watching that I’m absolutely loving them!


Who are you watching this year? Let me know in the comments below!



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