What I Got In My Tanya Burr Advent Calendar | Blogmas | Day 12



This is the first year I’ve purchased a beauty advent calendar, and I am so pleased I punched Tanya Burr’s as my first. It’s an absolutely stunning calendar, and even though I am sad that it’s over, as it’s only a 12 day calendar, I am pleased that I purchased this as my first beauty calendar, and can’t wait to see what she does next year! So, here are the beautiful pieces I received!



The Nail Polish

Sleigh Bells : A gorgeous red, with specs of red glitter throughout. A stunning shade for the festive season, and the most excited to use!

Glitters and Gold : A gorgeous gold shade with glitter, it will make your nails look beautiful with your festive party outfit.

Glitter Rain : A silver with glitter, which would look perfect any day of the year! You could even use it as a top coat over another shade of polish!



The Eye Shadow

Champagne Sparkle : I am super excited to try this glitter pot. It’s the most beautiful colour, with pinks, gold and even specs of black ( what I can see ) running through it, ¬†and very excited to show you all a makeup look with this on my blog.

Snow Day : A glittery white which will look beautiful at this time of year. I am not sure how to do a look with this, but can’t wait to get experimenting.



top to bottom : Candy Cane, Christmas Stocking, Berry Pavlova.

For The Lips

Christmas Stocking | Matte : This is a super bright red, and I haven’t had this off since I received it. This is really a hit or miss colour as to how bright it is, but I blooming love it!

Berry Pavlova | Lip Gloss : A deep pink gloss which I can’t wait to try out, as a lip gloss is something I never tend to wear!

Candy Cane : Lip Gloss : A brighter pink to ‘Berry Pavlova’ but definitely one I can see myself wearing in the spring/summer time.



The Glitter Eyeliner

Treasured : I got super excited when I found out there was a glitter eyeliner staring back at me as I opened my advent calendar door. I can’t wait to experiment and try so many different looks with this gold liner.

Ice Crystals : A beautiful silver glitter liner, which again, excited to try. The least favourite out the two, but my mind might be quickly changed when I try it out.




Nail File : I love how compact this is, and it’s already in my makeup bag. I love the polka dots, and how one side is a baby blue, and the other a baby pink.

Mirror : I never have a mirror in my bag, and when I received this I made sure I put it straight in there, as you never know how handy a mirror will come in handy. Loving the copper writing on the mirror too.


Did you get the Tanya Burr advent calendar, if not which one did you buy? What were your thoughts?



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