5 Inexpensive Dates To Spend With Your Other Half | Valentines Day


Valentines Day is just around the corner, and as much as I think you shouldn’t have a day to show your other half how you feel, I do like the idea of it being a special day for the two of you. I thought on the run up, I’d feature a few Valentines Day themed posts, with this being the first of many. So, here are 5 date ideas that are adorable.

A Picnic

I just love going on picnics, especially in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in the winter. You can find some gorgeous spots near you, you just need to think outside the box. I love going a drive and finding new and special spots, but there are also nice spots just a walk away as well. So, grab some food, a blanket and your partner and spend a lovely day outdoors!


A Candle Lit Dinner

As much as I love going for a meal out, it can sometimes be a little expensive! But, having a meal in with shop bought food can be just as romantic and special! There are some amazing recipes out there, and even meal deals in your local supermarkets, which my boyfriend and I have actually done before! We got a meal and wine for £10 and it was just as nice as spending £50 out on a 3 course meal. You can get your best dress/suit on, or just chuck on your pjs and have a candle lit dinner in your pjs. Now how perfect does that sound?


Netflix and Drive

You may be wondering what on earth ‘Netflix and Drive’ is, but it’s a super different way to go out and watch a movie, but not spend money on going to the cinema. I have actually done this before, jumped in my car, picked a cute spot (we chose next to the sea, looking over to all the Islands that are around us) and watched a movie on Netflix. It’s nice to get out the house, and even more perfect if it’s a sunny day. You can now download movies on Netflix which is even better, or you can use your 3G, just whatever you fancy. You could even bring your laptop and your selected DVD of choice. Just don’t forget the popcorn!


A Camping Trip

If you are brave enough to battle the cold air right now and love the outdoors, why not grab a tent and go away camping for the weekend? You are saving money on forking out on a hotel, and sometimes setting up camp, lighting a fire, putting on music and stargazing is better than staying in a hotel in the busy city. I know I definitely would prefer that, as I do love stargazing, and lucky enough to live in a place where the stars are very clear at night. The thing with camping as you can go anywhere you want to, and if your lucky enough to have a car, drive somewhere that you’d never normally go, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Board Game Night

There is nothing I love more than putting away my laptop and turning off my phone and have a night away from social media. Grab some board games, pillows and a duvet and set up camp somewhere on the floor and enjoy a nice night in each others company. Heck, even make a den, I mean who doesn’t love making a den? Make it as chilled out as possible, and enjoy it. Having some time away from technology and actually chatting to one another can be the best night you’ve ever had. Just don’t pick a competitive game.. we don’t want any fall outs now!


Here are just a few of my ideas, and ones that I’ve used myself. What do you plan on doing for Valentines day? Even if you don’t have a partner, grab friends and do those things and keep each other company!




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