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I absolutely love planning, buying notebooks, pens, pencils.. you name it, I love buying it! I think that was the only thing I actually enjoyed about school was having the pretty pencil case and books to show off. So, with blogging I am on a constant look out for new planners and notebooks I can buy to make my life that little bit easier.



I have 3 notebooks I use religiously for my blog and youtube. I have a notebook for blog and youtube ideas, blogger chats in case I am hosting a chat on twitter and my main notebook that I take on the go which has everything in it, and I tend to write about exactly what I am writing and then copy it straight to my blog once I get home, but lately I haven’t had any time to use that one. Having 3 notebooks might sound a little crazy, but it honestly helps a lot, and you will feel so much better with your blog or youtube if you do it.



My planner I use for blogging is the best money I’ve ever spent on anything! I bought it from Dot Creates and it has everything from space to write out what your writing about, and tick boxes for when you’ve completed your photographs, links etc. Also throughout it has sections to write on if you are writing a sponsored post, which is super handy! It’s got loads of pages, as I find most planners are pretty but not got a lot of pages to write on, so this I was happy with!



You can’t have all these pretty notebooks without having pretty stationary to match. I received these Zoella pencils for Christmas and I love them! I love the little sayings on them as well, as I don’t own any stationary like it! I always used to write in pen, but I usually make mistakes half way through, and just looks messy if I scribble over it, so writing in pencil keeps my notebooks looking neat, always!



How do you guys organise your blog? Let me know in the comments below!



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