Monthly Goals | February


I thought I’d start doing a post at the start of each month telling you the monthly goals I want to achieve. This way it’ll show me my progress and also the goals I need to work a little bit harder at, as I know fine well some goals I’m setting I definitely won’t achieve, but I can definitely give it a bash!

Cut down on fizzy drinks and chocolate

This is a goal that I know I can achieve. I used to never drink fizzy drinks or eat lots of chocolate, but lately, and especially over Christmas I did turn to those two things. Honestly, I feel disgusting right now, it makes my body crave the sugar and makes me really tired. So, this month I’m going to try and cut back. Stop drinking fizzy juice with my vodka when I go out, and instead of a piece of chocolate, a piece of fruit.


Go out a walk at least 4 times a week

I do walk a lot at work, as I am always on my feet, but it’s definitely not the same. I want to get out and walk along the sea front and enjoy the scenery. I live in a gorgeous place, and take it for granted, so 4 times a week to start with is pretty realistic, and something I know I can do.


Start working towards my summer bod

Summer might not be for a while yet, but I want to tone up, and feel more confident. I know I am quite slim, but when I put on weight it goes straight to my bum, hips and stomach.. yay! So, I’ve started a daily fitness challenge I found on pinterest and hoping to see some results when the month is up.


Go on more dates with Colin

If you didn’t know, Colin is my boyfriend and we’ve been going out now for 2 and a half years. We moved in together about 8 months ago now, so between paying bills, seeing friends and working we don’t get as much time to see each other as we did, that also means less dates, as unfortunately we need to pay rent and bills! I want to go on more dates though, even if that is just a drive somewhere, getting away for a few hours and enjoying each others company. We have actually went out for a meal at the very start of February which was lovely, and hope we can do that a few more times throughout this month.


Here are 4 realistic goals I’m setting myself for February. Do you have goals you want to achieve this month? Let me know in the comments below!








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