My Hair Transformation | How Olaplex Changed My Hair


This year I wanted to make a change in my hair, ‘new year, new me’ and all that! But, when I usually say I will change my hair, the most I’ll ever do is get a trim and pass that as a change! So, when Perrie Edwards from Little Mix put up on her Instagram that she had chopped her hair to shoulder length, I was obsessed. Her hair was also lighter, and I thought that maybe, just maybe I could pull that off too. Now what I had to keep in mind that even though it suited her, it might not suit me, so that’s when a text got sent to my close friend Hayley who is my hairdresser, as I wouldn’t pick anyone else to do this transformation.

The big day arrived, and I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like. Now, I didn’t release how lengthy this process is, so bare in mind that even though I had this done in one sitting, it might take two sittings for you! Luckily, Hayley booked out a long slot so she could do this for me, but other hairdressers might not have the time. This took 5 and a half hours, yes, I was just as shocked, so have a hairdresser you can chat to, as it would be a little awkward if you don’t have much to chat about, as 5 and a half hours is a LONG time!

First off was the length, my hair was quite long, maybe the longest I’ve had it in years, so saying goodbye to that was a little heartbreaking, but she kept most of the length at the front and short at the back. Hayley cut my hair with an electric razor, which was quite satisfying to watch, I am just lucky she has a steady hand, haha!

Next stage was bleach. I got my whole head bleached, which was the lengthiest process I would say. After that had set, she washed that off, then applied the toners, as I was left with a lovely shade of yellow before my toner was applied!  I went for a light blonde, with darker roots, but not too dark, it was just a shade up from my natural hair colour!

Lastly, after it was dried, she chopped into my hair and styled it. It was amazing to see my hairstyle all come together when she started the styling, and I was falling in love with it the more I looked at it!

Now, after all that work on my hair you’d expect it to be feeling dry, and in my case before, snapping off. I used to get my hair dyed when I was younger and had to stop due to my hair snapping off, which really knocked my confidence, but now there is a wonderful thing called Olaplex, which I’m going to tell you a little more about, and how it’s changed my hair!


What Is Olaplex?

photo credit : Hayley Edwards (@hayleyedwardsx)

Olaplex is a unique treatment that every hairdresser is raving about! This is not a conditioner, it’s so much more and there is no other product like this around, so if you have over damaged your hair, it can bring it back to life in one sitting! Olaplex rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken from over bleaching, brushing and applying too much heat to your hair, which overtime causes your hair to weaken and break. So, using this will build these bonds back together and makes your hair stronger, and healthier, and repair it in the inside too.

So if you want to go blonder, they can do this in a lot less time than they have ever done before! So, next time you are in your salon, ask about Olaplex as it’s completely ‘reset’ my hair, and has made it feel so much more healthier than it ever has before!


I got my hair done in Rutherfords in Oban. So, if you ever happen to be there definitely pop in!





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