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It’s not secret that Paige Toon is my favourite author. I love everything, especially her writing style, and also the fact the books that I have read of hers I can always relate to in some way! There’s nothing better than getting stuck right into a good book, and taking away advice from it, advice that no others can give.

When getting locked out my flat, thanks to my lovely boyfriend and the unfortunate timing of my phone dying with no way to contact him, I went across the road to Waterstones. Now, Waterstones straight across the road from my place is a blessing and a curse, as it’s days like that day, I went in and spent a lot of money on books! I went straight to find books of authors surname’s ending in ‘T’ and grabbed the Paige Toon book that I hadn’t read yet. The only author also, that I never read the blurb for, as I know I’ll love it no matter what, a little risky, but I’ve never been let down so far!

This book is about Amber who was in a car accident at the age of 3 and sadly lost her Mum. However, what Amber doesn’t know is that there is someone out there who knows the final words her Mum said, and it’s for Amber. But, while someone holds this secret, Amber has a life of her own, living in London with her husband, Ned. She receives a phone call saying her Dad has had a stroke, and she flies back to her hometown in Australia to be with him, which holds a lot of memories, the main memory being Ethan, who she has been madly in love with since she was 8 years old.

The book opens with Dorris who holds the secret message explaining her tiny part of the story, before jumping into Amber’s life. Even though Amber has the perfect life, good looking husband, a job and their own flat, things come crashing down, and Amber doesn’t seem happy anymore. I love how realistic this was, as I do tend to look at couples and think ‘I wish I had their life, marriage, house and kids’ but sometimes you forget that nothing is always perfect and that they might not look at their life like that. When Amber gets the phone call about her Dad, it honestly breaks my heart, but I was excited to find out more about her life in Australia, the life her husband doesn’t even know about before they met.

You then go through the tough reality of what Amber is going through with her Dad, and her Dad’s partner who Amber doesn’t get along with. This is also the time in the book you meet Amber’s old school friends and Ethan.. Ethan who when he firsts get introduced I fall in love with myself. They spend a lot of time together, and things happen. This is when I get confused myself, as I obviously want her to be with Ned, but then her and Ethan seem perfect! When you read this book you will definitely be torn about who you want Amber to end up with. I think I changed my mind about 10 times!

The secret message that’s eventually revealed to Amber, I honestly did have tears in my eyes, as it’s nothing what I expected it to be, it’s even better than I thought and glad that it wasn’t any of the ideas I had as they would of been really heartbreaking.

The ending, is perfect. At points it had me in shock, and I couldn’t put the book down right near the end, as I had to know how it ended. I actually read this book in 7 hours, as I couldn’t put it down, and now sad that it’s over, and going back online to look for more when I finish typing this!


What are your favourite Paige Toon books? Have you read this one? What do you think?



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