Valentines Weekend Away


At the weekend just past, my boyfriend and I decided to go away to Glasgow and go out for a nice meal, and just get away for a night and spend some quality time together. Our perfect weekend would be, to go away for meal and a gig after, so that’s what we done! Bloodlines, a band that Colin introduced me to, and knows some of the members of, where playing in Glasgow so we thought we’d go along to that.

We started off the weekend by doing some shopping, as I mean who doesn’t like to shop? I think I bought most things in H&M and Primark, as right now the have some gorgeous things (haul coming soon), and then I went to go and get my ear pierced, as for such a long time I was wanting an Industrial piercing as I think they look pretty cool. Turns out when I got in and the girl looked at my ear it was too small *crushes dreams*, so I just opted for a second piercing on my lobes as I was going to get that done anyway.


Back to the hotel, and we got ready for the night ahead. I couldn’t wait to wear my new clothes, as there’s something satisfying with wearing new clothes all the same time! Just me? I wore a t-shirt dress from Miss Pap, a camo shirt from Primark and knee high boots from Miss Guided, but bought them a while back so I’ll leave an alternative link to others here.


We spent a good time trying to find places to eat as most places that we wanted to go to were fully booked, just fantastic! So, we ended up waiting in the Hard Rock Cafe for 30 minutes for a table, which meant 30 minutes at the bar with a cocktail menu, so really we were the winners there! I bought a mojito and Colin bought some cocktail that had malibu in it, which was disgusting! We said we’d try a different cocktail each time, but I think we ended up only trying another set of cocktails as we had that much food we were too full to continue our cocktail trying. Can I also say, how big are those onion rings in that photo? I was way to amused when they arrived at the table! I also, missed out on desert as I was that full, which is rare as I usually go to a place based on their desert menu, was kinda gutted!

Then we went down this little back street to a place called Stereo that Bloodlines were playing at, it was a tiny venue, and honestly a venue I’d never heard of before! It was down in a basement, so was quite stuffy, but they had a bar so couldn’t really complain! We had more drinks, and the worst cheap vodka I’ve ever had, whilst listening to their support acts Crystal and The 21st State, two other good bands! Bloodlines finally arrived on stage and definitely didn’t disappoint! I always love seeing a band live for the first time, as within that hour of seeing them play, you can usually tell if you’d want to spend money on seeing them again, as I don’t just want to hear them live, I also look at their stage presence and interaction with the crowd. Two things they pulled of great, that great I am seeing them again in April! Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos, just snapchat videos.. silly me!

After Bloodlines, we planned for a night out, but instead we wandered back to the hotel and had a quiet night in, now we really ARE getting old! The next day we woke up bright and early, without a hangover and headed to Ed’s Diner for breakfast. Just look how good that looks? But, now after all the food I feel like I need to spend the next 3 weeks eating salads!



How did you spend your valentines day? Did you go away and do anything nice? Let me know in the comments below!



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