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I am obsessed with Youtube and spend a lot of my time on there watching tutorials than putting on something on TV. I’m really getting into watching makeup tutorials and trying to practise getting better, as most of my money goes straight to palettes and pretty lipsticks. So, I thought I’d share with you today the 5 beauty youtubers who I am loving right now!


Jamie Genevieve

Jamie is definitely up there with being my favourites, and that’s not because we are both Scottish! She has an amazing sense of humour, and there’s not many makeup tutorials I watch that I also laugh my head of at! Her makeup skills are flawless and if she could just give me a small portion of the skills she had, that would be great!



I haven’t been watching Sophie for THAT long, but I am obsessed with everything she chats about, and always see myself at the end of watching a makeup haul or tutorial going onto to either buy or add things to my wishlist! It’s not just beauty things she chats about, she also does the odd fashion haul too, which I mean.. who doesn’t love a primark haul?



Ok, so I have been a massive fan of Shan for YEARS now! Literally no matter how many times I watch a makeup tutorial and try and boss it, I never do it as fantastic as she does! I still have hope for the day I’ll wake up and have her makeup skills.. I can dream right?



I have had the pleasure to speak to Emily a few times as she isn’t just a youtuber, but blogger to, and she is so sweet! I love supporting bloggers as the community is really supportive of one another, and supporting their other projects to is a bonus! I love watching Emily’s videos as it’s affordable makeup, and usually makeup I want to buy but never to sure if it’s worth the money. 9/10 when I go onto Emily’s youtube she’s done a video on the products, which to me is great, but to my bank balance.. not so much!


The Pixiwoo girls are one of the reasons I got into my love of makeup. They do every type of makeup tutorial you can possibly think of, and I’ve also learnt which makeup brushes are the right to use while applying makeup! It’s a bonus that they also have their own makeup brushes, which you would of all heard of ‘Real Tenchniques’.


Who are your favourite beauty youtubers? Let me know in the comments below!






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    March 10, 2017 / 1:27 pm

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