How I Prepare For A Festival With A Budget And Other Tips

Okay, so it’s almost festival season.. so very very close, and this year I am going back to Download Festival which I am super excited about! However, there is one thing that’s very different about the last time I went, and that is that now I pay bills and rent *has a silent breakdown*. So now it’s all about budgeting and I am going to tell you how to budget and give you a few other festival tips!


01. Start buying things months in advance.

This might sound a bit extreme, but it’s honestly a game changer! Download is in June, and I already have my drinks bought and purchasing my tent so that in June or the week leading up to it, I don’t splash out and then have no money at all for spending money, as I always tend to forget you need at least £100 to have, as you’ll end up buying over expensive drinks, too much food that you don’t need, but it’s a festival so that’s your excuse to eat more and merchandise for the band you have only heard of a handful of times, but you know 3 songs so your their biggest fan.


02. Plan outfits

I have already tipped out the entire contents of my wardrobe and started organising outfits, as I’m a girl and unlike guys who like to roll around in mud and wear their lovely new trainers to a festival as ‘it’s only mud, I can wash them when I get home’ I want to look pretty and not look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. Oh it’s tough being a girl isn’t it? So i’ve planned 6 outfits for the 5 and a half days I’ll be at Download, trying them all on.. with wellies, and working out what goes and what doesn’t, then if I need to add any new items to my wardrobe, it’s a great excuse to go onto boohoo (my favourite place for festival gear) and talk myself into needing another pair of almost identical shorts that you already own! Result! That also means, buying clothes now, will result in you being able to bring a little extra pocket money!


03. Hair planning (think I might be going a bit mad)

Now, the one thing I hate about festivals is my hair looks nice for a day and then a total mess for the rest of it. It goes greasy, and wavy and then I end up chucking a £5 animal hat on my head for the duration of the festival as it’s the only acceptable time to wear a cheetah hat on your head! This time however, I’m being smart and not washing it as much as I would so my hair won’t look as terrible as it would usually as more washing = greasy hair faster! Dry shampoo will definitely be my best friend on this trip but I’m also going to fork out and use the straighteners and curlers there to, as £2 for semi decent looking hair isn’t bad at all! This all makes a lot of sense to me, if it doesn’t to you.. trust me!


04. Makeup

Now I am a girl with expensive taste in makeup, but it’s definitely a bad idea taking your Too Faced palette to a festival when it could get lost, stolen or broken! So, what I like to do is dig through my makeup collection and find old palettes that I don’t tend to use and take them instead! It’s amazing what you can find if you search through your makeup drawers! If you want to buy makeup however, I’d honestly recommend buying from Primark’s range or MUA, an affordable brand which you could get a whole makeup look for £20 and take that with you instead! I’ll be doing a blog on that in the upcoming weeks on what I’ll be taking and also what looks I’ll be creating!


05. Tent Tips

I’ve mentioned above that you should definitely buy a tent in advance as tents can be expensive and I’d like to pay my bills on time and not miss a month for having to take out what feels like a mortgage on a tent that will no doubt get ruined at the festival anyway! So definitely if you can, share a tent with friends as you can all put in money and get a better tent that might stay up for the duration of the festival and also something I am definitely doing this time round, and unsure why I never thought of it before is buy a air bed! As much as I love camping, sleeping on a cold floor isn’t the most glamorous, you can buy air beds for £10-£30 and I’d definitely advise it! Comfort is key! Other things you could take is heavy duty tape to fix any leaks if it rains and bin bags to put rubbish in and patch up any damage.


06. Use a cheap phone

I have never taken my iPhone to a festival as I’d end up losing it and it keeps charge for about 6 hours so I’d have to go the remainder of the time without a phone, so instead purchase something like a Nokia 3310 or whatever is cheap these days, as these phones tend to last charge the whole weekend. I know things like taking photos might spring to mind, but you could always take a camera that’s battery powered so you can have a phone to use to keep in touch with people and use for emergencies and also a camera to take pictures of the amazing memories you’ll be making.



And lastly, remember to have fun, keep safe and wrap up warm and even though a hoody might not go with the outfit you have planned it does get cold at nights! Also, keep money on you at all times and purchase something like a bumbag as it’s always a lifesaver at festivals!




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