March Favourites

Throughout the month of March I didn’t have as many favourites as I thought, maybe because I didn’t spend as much as previous months, but here are the favourites that I do have!

Paige Toon | Jessie Jefferson Series

Okay, this is at the top of my list, for many reasons but the main is that they are now my favourite books ever, and it’ll take a while for anything to come as close! I also, read these books in 3 days. 3 books in 3 days, yep I’m slightly mad, but once I got reading I couldn’t stop! I done a blog here on one of the books ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ but these actually come in order of ‘The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson’, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘All About The Hype’ which I didn’t follow as at the time never realised they were a book series, but I quickly caught up! These are young adult books, but I thoroughly enjoyed them, just wish the books could go on forever and ever!

Yellow Shirt | New Look

I am never usually into wearing shirts, or yellow for that matter, but recently all I ever see is shirts when I walk into shops, so I thought I’d grab this as for some reason I fell in love with it! I think maybe it was the fact it was a really hot day, and the yellow got me in the summer mood.. who knows! But, I love paring this up with black jeans as it really looks great! I’m not a massive fashionista so I did spend time on Pinterest searching in ‘Yellow shirt outfit’ please tell me everyone does that?  New Look are also killing it with their clothes right now, so might need to go in for another nosey!

NYX Vivid Brights Liner

I have been wanting these for a while, so when I actually had to purchase them for a collab (blog up soon) I added a couple more into my basket as I couldn’t wait to start experimenting with different coloured liners! I am not very adventurous when it comes to bold statement makeup, but I thought i’d ease myself in with these. I purchased the shades, ‘Fire’,  ‘Blossom’ and ‘Sapphire’ and as you can see these are beautiful! They are easy to apply and when taking them off they don’t stain the skin!

Ed Sheeran | Divide

There’s not a lot of albums I listen to and instantly fall in love with, but this is just.. wow, I can’t even begin to explain how fantastic this album is! I know one main factor is that there’s a few songs which are Scottish/Irish based (Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan) and they are the two songs I instantly fell in love with. As I am getting older I am appreciating Scottish music, and this album has made me appreciate it even more! It’s a total change in direction with Ed, and that’s what I love about him, every album is different!

Sims 4

I am back to my obsession with Sims 4. I go through months of not playing, and then spend the rest obsessed. I love building houses, playing in that house for about an hour, and then realise I don’t like that house, and bulldoze it and start again. Is that just me? I just love interior design and building houses, and ‘motherlode’ is possibly the best cheat ever, even though to Colin I ‘break the game’ as I cheat all the time! I don’t think I’ve played it yet without cheating!


I’d love to hear about your favourites in the comments below, and do you have any of the same favourites as me?






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