Monthly Goals | April

So for the last few months now I’ve been giving ¬†myself goals to achieve throughout each month, as it motivates me to actually go out and do it! I’ll also be updating you all on how I got on with my March goals to! So, here are my goals for April..

April Goals

Cut out fizzy drinks

I have got back into the habit of drinking fizzy drinks after going months without touching any. I was doing so well, but as I have had a lot of nights out lately, I grab the fizzy juice instead of going for something like orange or cranberry juice. It’s also made me break out, which is really knocking my confidence.

Have a skincare routine

Am I the only one who just doesn’t have a skincare routine, and if I’m lazy fall asleep in my makeup? I can be the worst for that, and need to get back into a routine of taking it off thoroughly and applying moisturiser as I suffer from really dry skin! I have actually recently been sent some creams to use, so it’s definitely pushed me to start a routine!

Plan blogposts in advance

This was one of the goals I had last month, but I’m putting this in again as I need to start being more organised and to stop missing days here and there if I can’t think of anything to blog about. There are so many topics out there to chat about, so I need to get my thinking cap on and get writing.

Stop spending money on things I don’t need

Once I have money and see something I need (yep, not want, need) I buy it and then spend the rest of the day regretting my purchase. I need to be more careful with money and really think to myself if I need those nice pair of boots or that eye palette that is on sale. No, I don’t as I have a million pairs of shoes and makeup palettes, and I usually just grab the same ones.

Have a Spring clean

This is my top goal for this month, as I have things lying about that I really don’t need anymore. I need to get out the black bags and chuck any clothes I don’t need to the charity shop and clean my place from top to bottom! There’s nothing better than a clean home!


Monthly Goals | March | Feedback

My goals in March were realistic and I did actually stick to some! I stuck to eating more fruit and veg and going to bed earlier! I seen myself some nights going to bed at 9 which is a miracle for me, and grabbing a piece of fruit over crips! I’m also a massive fan of overnight oats with yogurt and frozen berries which makes me feel a lot more energised throughout the day. However, the cutting out drinking and scheduled blog posts were a complete fail, as every weekend I had something planned. Maybe this month it might be better!





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