One Perfect Summer – Paige Toon | Book Review

Another book review you say? Yeah, I might be obsessed with reading right now, but I can’t really complain, even though I seem to completely ditch house work and go straight to reading and ignore other responsibilities.. bad Karina! However, recently I made a purchase on Amazon and this book was part of it. Paige Toon is my favourite author.. yes you’ve all heard that before, but this book could not be ignored as I couldn’t put it down, and sat in silence at the end, wanting more. Here is why you NEED to read this book!

What’s this book about?

It’s about a girl called Alice, about to start University, and the summer before she meets Joe, who’s life is at a complete stand still, and the two of them click, like they’ve known each other for years, but no love story is that simple, is it? She goes away to Uni and picks up the pieces of her broken heart, and while doing so meets wonderful Lukas! Years later at the complete wrong moment Joe appears back into her life, but in a way she never imagined! Surely it’s too late to reenact that perfect summer?

My Thoughts

Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD. I just can’t even begin to explain what I think of this book! It took so many different turns, and turns I was not expecting! It was an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I felt like I was on the heartbreak train with Alice as she explained how she felt, as everyone has had a bad break up, and it brought so many sad feelings back! That’s what I love about Paige Toon though, you get totally swept up in the characters emotions, like you are actually going through it yourself!

I loved Joe, from the very start, Joe had a special place in my heart, and was sad when everything went quiet with his character, and could of jumped for joy when he was introduced again later in the book! As for Lukas, I loved him, then hated him, then loved him again. He really reminded me of an ex boyfriend, so in the end I was sitting trying not to shout at my book! You’ll understand why if you read it though!

This book will be perfect reading while you sit in the sun, with a glass of bubbly, wishing you had a summer romance! So, even if you don’t read it now, purchase it and take it away on holiday with you, it will be the most fantastic summer read!




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