Velour Liquid Lipsticks : Jeffree Star | First Impressions

I only recently just purchased the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks after seeing so many people on Instagram and Youtube rave about these! Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve read so mixed reviews on these, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but here are my first impressions and what I really thought of these lipsticks!

The Application

Okay, so applying this was an actual dream! It glided on and the applicator to this is fantastic as it fits snuggly onto your lips and gives an even coverage! Usually with liquid lipsticks it can get a bit messy, but with this I honestly had no problem at all!

The Colour Pay Off

This was honestly the one thing I was nervous about, as it’s so hard to tell what they look like when buying online. I bought the shades ‘Sagittarius’ and ‘No Tea, No Shade’, with ‘No Tea, No Shade’ being the shade I was most excited to try out as it’s metallic! I can honestly say the colour you see in the tube, is the colour you get on your lips! I actually gasped and sat like a little girl on Christmas Day looking in the mirror at the metallic lip colour, it is just absolutely to die for!

Is It Long Lasting?

The big question, and what everyone wants to know before they spend £16 on a lip product. Is it long lasting? The answer is meh. I mean, it lasted yes, but if I drank anything or ate anything it started to smudge off, but not all off it, just in certain places which I’m so sad about as I love the lipsticks. Will this stop me buying them again? Absolutely not, as the lip colours are stunning!

Other Perks

The other perks to these lipsticks, and to Jeffree Star Cosmetics is that they are Vegan free and Cruelty free which is a massive thumbs up from me! I really grudge these days buying from beauty brands that test on animals, so this is a breathe of fresh air!


What do you think of Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Do you agree with my views? Leave a comment below!



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