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I was nominated by the lovely Kirsty over at to tell everyone 7 facts about myself. I am grateful she has nominated me as she’s saved me from having a stress about what to blog about today.. thanks Kirsty! I love doing posts like this as you can learn facts about bloggers that you usually wouldn’t ever know.

Here are the rules if you are nominated:

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  3. Nominate bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated
  4. Provide seven facts about yourself.

Fact 1

I am from a small town in the West Coast of Scotland called Oban. I moved here when I was about 2 as I was born in Aberdeen. Oban is small, and with small towns comes gossip and drama, lots of drama. But, even though I must moan about it on a daily basis, I love living next to the sea, and you can’t beat looking out your window every day and seeing boats going in and out of the bay to go to the different islands. That is a major plus.

Fact 2

Most people know me for my love of the band, McFly. I’ve seen them over 22 times now, met them way more times than I can even count and that much, they actually remember me now when I see them. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but i’ll definitely take it as a bonus.

Fact 3

I work in a supermarket, very glamorous, and been working there now for 6 years.  But, as much as I don’t like my job, and I mean come on, does anyone really like there job? It pays the bills and I can’t complain as it’s a Monday to Friday job. The only thing I will complain about though is the 6 o’clock starts!

Fact 4

I am an only child. The most common question I get asked is ‘are you not lonely’, and don’t get me wrong there was a time I was, when all my friends had a sibling they could hang around with, or have someone there no matter what, but I have always been close with my parents and they are like parents and siblings rolled into one. We laugh until we cry, take the mickey out each other and fight until we are red in the face, but I wouldn’t change them for the world! So, I much prefer being an only child, and having handful of best friends that I call my sisters!

Fact 5

I used to be in 2 choirs growing up, and my teachers always told me to never give up singing as to them I was fantastic. I obviously didn’t listen to them, and guess who wishes they did now? As I now sound like a strangled cat when I sing!

Fact 6

I have never broken a bone in my body. (touches wood, and hopes I don’t trip up after this blog is finished and break an arm)

Fact 7

I hate my accent, like je deteste, I feel like I don’t even have an accent, like I know I do, but i just don’t think it sounds Scottish at all, and I also suffer from a slight stutter, which is why I always read. I whisper to myself when I read if I’m alone, and honestly the difference is insane. It only creeps up if I speak to people I am comfortable around, other than that you probably wouldn’t know. Also, taking Ed Sheeran up on his advice and rapping to Eminem is surprisingly hilarious, but works a charm to.. you should try it!


I hope you found my facts interesting, and leave a comment below if you have similar facts! I’d love to hear them!

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