April Favourites


I feel like in the blink of an eye it’s May and I’ve sat in front of this screen for a good 20 minutes trying to think of what favourites I had in April as they all seem to be blending into the one month! Thankfully I’ve remembered, and here are my favourites for the month of April!


13 Reasons Why

In the last few weeks I’ve heard so many people speak about 13 Reasons Why, or ask me if I’ve watched it as they want to know what happens next. I watched this in 2 days and finishing it really hit me, and brought reality crashing down. This is real, and people go through what Hannah was going through and you tend to forget people think these dark thoughts, it could happen to any of us! Next I’m definitely going to be going out to buy the book and compare the two, as I’ve heard they are pretty different!

Jeffree Star Lipstick

I recently wrote a blogpost on these, which you can find here. Even though they aren’t as long lasting as I expected, I still absolutely love these, and the shades are to die for! The two shades I picked are totally me, and any chance I get I wear them! There are so many more shades I want to try, and can’t wait for payday so I can buy more!

Collection Concealer

This has always been a favourite of mine, but recently my skin has been pretty horrendous, and this has been a complete lifesaver. I use the shade ‘fair 1’ which is the lightest shade, and definitely makes my skin look flawless and hides those nasty blemishes I can’t get rid of!

Cetraben Cream

I got sent this cream about a month ago, and wanted to make sure I honestly loved it before mentioning it in a favourites. This is great for dry skin and as I suffer from it, I couldn’t wait to try it out and see if it actually worked. It has honestly worked wonders for my skin and use this on the part of my face that are dry and also on my legs after shaving. I wish I took a before picture to show you guys how well this works!


I’ve definitely got the Netflix bug at the moment, and see myself at nights binge watching Netflix series, and this is one of the many that I’m loving right now, even though having to wait for Friday to roll round so I can watch the next one really does drag by! It’s very ‘Pretty Little Liars’ but I love that, so that might be why I love Riverdale so much! I think everytime I watch it I also fall in love with Archie more!

Leopard Print Boots

I got these in a New Look sale, and after being so unsure on them, I’ve totally fallen in love with them, and wear them at any opportunity┬áI get! I am loving bold boots right now, as they can dress up any outfit and make it looks stunning! These really remind me of boots Aria from Pretty Little Liars would wear, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her wear an almost identical pair!

Pro:Voke Silver Shampoo

Recently going blonder, I’ve had to change my hair routine and ditch my normal shampoo and using this silver shampoo has really saved my hair, and the colour! I honestly never thought I’d love a shampoo this much, and it’s super affordable too!


What are your favourite for this month? Let me know in the comments below or leave a link to your latest favourites blog post!

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