Changing To A Healthier Lifestyle.. And Sticking To It!

I know for a fact I’ve done a blog post in the past of how amazing I was at changing my lifestyle, and then a week later indulging in chocolate, crisps and having pizza for dinner every night.. which yes, I have done before! But, this past month I have stuck to my healthy eating plan, started fitness and proved not just everyone around me wrong, but also myself! Here is why I started my healthier lifestyle and how I’ve managed to succeed!

Why A Healthier Lifestyle?

There was a day about 2 months ago I looked in the mirror and hated what I seen, I look at old pictures and got upset thinking that back when that was taken I thought I was fat, and now? I really had put on weight, and was the heaviest I’ve ever been. Now, if people knew how much I weighed they wouldn’t of though it, as all my weight goes to my thighs and stomach! YES to thick thighs, but NO to a big stomach. I weighed 10 stone, to some people that’s nothing, but to being a 5ft 1 short arse like me, I need be at least 8 to 8.5 stone to look healthy! Having a bit of weight on me doesn’t suit me, and even though I was the same clothes size, everything was tight on me, and instead of crying about it, I decided for once to get off the couch and start working out!

How My First Month Went

So I am now a month into this. I started using my parents cross trainer, bought my own weights and a yoga mat. I also, started walking more, and if I could walk the distance instead of driving, I would! The food things of it was difficult though, I am a massive snacker! I would come home from work and sit on the couch with crisps, chocolate and if I got bored I’d go and grab more food! So, I swapped all the junk food for healthier snacks like fruit, rice cakes and swapping milk chocolate to dark.. a slightly healthier option!

My Progress so far

I have lost overall in a month with just cutting out junk food, and working out about 6 pound now! Which is great in my eyes, but it’s a work in progress! I have definitely seen a huge change in my body though and I’ve not used my blue inhaler in 3 weeks which I would need to use every night before! It’s crazy how well my breathing is doing, and I am so proud of the fact that it’s definitely showing me what a healthy balance can do to your health!

What next?

I am definitely going to be sticking to what I am doing so far, but one thing I have noticed is I am feeling weak after workouts, so definitely going to be eating more before so I can burn that off and have more energy! Also, getting friends to join in and go out walking/running with is a great motivation for one another, and I have a few interested, so I can’t wait for the next month to see more improvement!


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