Festival Makeup Look & First Impressions

So, on my post I put up on Tuesday I showed you guys what I am taking with me to Download Festival this year, so I thought I’d do a quick makeup look and also a first impressions on the products I bought and haven’t tried out yet. This is a pretty basic makeup look, as I am skipping adding in all the glitter as unfortunately it hasn’t arrived yet, so, you’ll be getting that post at a later date!

Click here for all products used.

I thought I’d go for a smokey cranberry look, as it’s simply, but eye catching. I didn’t want to go for just a grey/black smokey eye, I wanted to change it right up, and use as much colour as possible! All the shades I used were from the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette and you’ll be surprised at just how pigmented they are for the price it is!


For my face I used a few products I had never tried before, and honestly, most were products I won’t buy again unfortunately, but for taking away with me it will do! The Skin Define Hydro Foundation by MUA is exactly what it says on the product, it’s lightweight, and it works well, but it’s not high coverage and that’s what I am used to! A fantastic product all in all, and I would definitely take this away on holiday with me! I also used Collection Concealer around my eyes and blemishes as that is more high coverage!

The HighLight Shimmer Stick by MUA Luxe was a product I wasn’t majorly fussed with! It’s great how it’s in a stick, and it does show a slight shine, but other than that I wouldn’t buy it and after Download I might not ever wear it again unfortunately!

I also bought the Pixel Perfect Multi-Blush by MUA and it isn’t pigmented in the slightest! I had such high hopes for this, but swirling my brush around I actually had to check product came off as I didn’t see any change to my face, it is super light and again a product I won’t be buying again!

Lastly for my face I used the L’Oreal Infallible Scult Contour Palette which I love! I just am not used to wearing creamy bronzer so that took a little bit of work to get used to, but it’s a fantastic palette and  love the highlight with this as well!



I purchased the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Perfect Brows Palette and I blooming love it! I am scared of powder products for my eyebrows as scared i’ll have smudgey brows but this is staying put! I am blonde and thought the light shades would be me perfect but the darkest actually worked best for me as my brows are super dark! Fantastic product and I love the applicator and highlight!

Again, another mention about the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette, which really is flawless by the way! It’s super pigmented and I can’t wait to try out all these shimmer shades when I go away! But, this look definitely will be the look I go to the most, with adding a lot of sequins and glitter!

Now onto Mascara and Liner! I used Mascara by Maybelline which is my day to day mascara so I know that it works great, and The Body Shop Pencil Liner which is also another of my favourites, but a liner I don’t use as much anymore! The liquid liner however is one I never used before, it’s the Winged Wonder Liner by MUA and I actually quite like this product as I love the nib on the liner! I love a felt tip liner, the only issue I have is that it takes 2 coats for me to be happy with the finished look, but other than that it’s an amazing product for the price!


For this look I used my Kylie Lipkit in the shade Maliboo. However, I won’t be taking this to Download with me, but I am on the look out right now for a dupe of this, as I absolutely love the shade, so any help down in the comments would be grateful!










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