Festival Makeup | What I’m Taking With Me

It’s 4 weeks until I head off to Download festival, and as the festival season is fast approaching I thought I’d do a blog on what makeup to take with you. Now, if your like me and have an expensive taste in makeup, then you won’t want to be bringing high end stuff with you as it could get lost, broken or even stolen. So, I thought I’d show you what makeup products I’m taking with me, and then on Thursday show you a look I’ll be creating with everything I’ve purchased or found in my makeup drawers.


Foundation : MUA Skin Define Hydro Foundation

I have never actually heard of this before, as I go straight to my usual high street products like Maybelline or L’Oreal, so I thought I’d pick up this as it was a fantastic price at £4 and in my shade to! Let’s hope my skin is on it’s best behaviour when I’m away as I don’t think this will be very high coverage!

Concealer : Collection

My trusty old Collection Concealer is coming on it’s travels, as I honestly couldn’t leave it behind! It’s the only high street concealer I absolutely love, and constantly rave about it!

Powder : The Body Shop

I can’t leave home without powder so I am taking powder that I already own, I actually have two of these, so I know if I ever did lose it I still have another at home!

Blusher : MUA Pixel Perfect Blush

This caught my eye immediately when I went to the MUA stand and at a fantastic price of £3 you really can’t go wrong! It has some gorgeous light tones in there too, which will be perfect for summer!

Highlight : MUA Highlight Shimmer

Another product I have heard of but not actually seen up close until now, but this looks amazing, and it’s the perfect size to take away with me, this was only £4 as well!

Contour : L’Oreal Sculpt

Now, I knew I had plenty of bronzers that I don’t use anymore tucked in my makeup drawers so I am taking this with me as I know I love it! This has been neglected so a little trip to Download Festival and I know I’ll fall back in love with this.


Eyeshadow : Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

Instead of buying yet more eyeshadow, a few months back I bought this Makeup Revolution palette and I absolutely love! It’s has 32 shadows to choose from, so I will have the perfect selection when I go away!

Liquid Liner : MUA Winged Wonder Liner

Even though I am very fussy when it comes to liquid liner, this actually looked not that bad, and the nib on it, is so different to any other liner I have as it has a paddle nib! This was super affordable at only £3!

Mascara : Maybelline

My eyes can be very sensitive to mascara so as I know this one works and doesn’t cause my eyes to swell I am taking my trusty Maybelline mascara! I will be buying a mascara that isn’t waterproof though, as the waterproof mascara is a nightmare to come off!

Pencil Liner | The Body Shop

I have a million eye pencils in my makeup drawer so I knew I’d be mad buying more that will just gather dust and get chucked away after! I just need to remember a sharpener as knowing me I’ll end up breaking it somehow!

Eyebrows: Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette

I had spotted this last minute, and decided to pick this up as I can’t abandon my brows! I usually use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow but i’d be devastated if I lost it, and this palette looks perfect with 3 brow shades and a highlighter, an angled brush and tweezers! This is such a handy palette, especially if your going away somewhere!


So, that is all that I am taking to Download festival, and hope it gives you a good insight in that you don’t need to bring expensive makeup to look good! I’ll definitely be purchasing some glitter to as festival glitter is a must have! Also, I’m going to need to have a search for lipsticks, as I have so many I don’t know where to start! What are your festival must have products? Let me know in the comments below!




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