Monthly Goals | May

Another month, other goals that I can fail miserably at, but it’s good to set them anyway, as it does motivate me to do better! So here are my goals for May, and my update on how I got on in April!


May Goals


Go out walking more

This is a goal I know I can achieve, as I do love going out walking, I just usually can’t find anyone to go with. So, I’m going to pluck up the courage and start going out walks on my own as then I might actually start to like my own company!


Plan blogs

This was in my April goals but I’m going to keep this one in, as I really failed with blogging last month. I hardly blogged, but when your not motived and don’t have blogs planned out in a planner that’s going to happen. So, I’ve already got blogs lined up in my planner, so all I need now is to type them out, and keep it up for the rest of the month!


Instagram everyday

This might not seem like the most exciting goal, but I’ve let my Instagram slip in the past month and not posted half as much as I used to, and when I did I gained so much more followers, and followers who I’ve became friends with! So, I’m going to take photos in advance, or whenever I see a great photo oppurtunity that fits in with my theme, post it right away!



Recently my good friend Kirsty sent a bootcamp to get started on, and I completed 2 days out of the 3 months that I’m meant to be doing then stopped. So, I want to get back into my healthy lifestyle and get that toned stomach I’ve always wanted! I better get dusting off my gym gear!


Start reading again

I was doing so well with reading, and with being so busy I’ve had no time to sit and relax with a good book! I still have 3 that are sitting next to my bed waiting for me to read, so instead of grabbing my laptop to watch netflix, I need to start going back and grabbing my book, as I love getting stuck into a good book!



Monthly goals | April | Feedback

So my goals for April were to cut out fizzy drinks, plan blogs, get a skincare routine, spend less money and spring clean. I can successfully say I completed them all apart from planning my blogs, and maybe having the odd fizzy drink with vodka when I was out, but I have now started asking for orange or cranberry juice instead! Go me!


Do you have any goals for this month? Leave me comments below!



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