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I am the type of person who captures pictures on their phone or snapchat, uploads them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and then hope that I don’t one day end up losing all my favourites pictures online. So, to get a little more organised I am wanting to start scrapbooking and keep all my favourites memories in one special place, so when I eventually have kids one day I can sit them down and show them all these fantastic memories and not sit and scroll through my Facebook.

I go on way to many nights out, but those nights out make the best memories, so I printed off a few of my favourite pictures from the last few months and a photo of myself and Colin which I’ve been meaning to print off since last July.. oops!

Also, I can’t forget about my other favourite human being Tom Fletcher, who I met at the end of last year, again, and had a couple of pictures from meeting him printed off to, which I am going to be putting in frames for my bedside table. You’d honestly think I was dating Tom Fletcher and not Colin at times, sorry Colin!



Where did I get these from?

So, about a month ago Printiki┬ácontacted me and asked if I’d like to collab with them and show off their gorgeous prints! Now, I tend to look into brands I work with, and they have wonderful customer service, so I ordered my 30 prints with this cute white border around each photo.. how Instagram!

This was super fast delivery, and great quality of photos too! I can’t wait to start scrapbooking my favourite photos and I might even do a little DIY and hang some around my flat to make it feel a little more personal and homely!

Printiki | Instagram

*All views are 100% my own, and I received these free of charge.



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