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I can’t believe Download Festival is over with already! It flew by, in the blink of an eye I was on the way back to Scotland in the car, sad, sunburnt and just a tad smelly! Here is my experience of Download, and the acts that I was lucky enough to see live!

The Experience.

Nothing could of prepared me for how lucky we were about the weather we had! Wednesday and Thursday it rained, but on the Friday to Sunday it was dry and VERY hot! So here’s me sitting here typing this now with very burnt arms and a burnt face, looking like a tomato! I shouldn’t complain though, as every festival i’ve been to so far it’s been a complete wash out, so it was nice to appreciate the festival and it had everyones sprits high to!

After the stress of carrying everything into the campsite in the rain at 9.30 at night, and failing to find a camping spot for 5 tents and a gazebo, a man called Gary saved the day, and came up to us asking if we wanted to camp in the large space outside his tent, which was enough for all our baggage! Gary, his wife and daughter, plus their friends who were also camped next to us, really made our weekend, as you can’t beat camping around good people and making friends with them! We actually made friends with everyone around us, and the only thing that got stolen were the 2 camp chairs we stupidly left out!

Thursday was a bit of a blur, as that’s really the day everyone just sits about, gets drunk, hyped for the bands to start on Friday. But at night time, a few of us wandered into the village and bought great food, and went on the funhouse as I’ve always wanted to go on it (Partly because it reminds me of the one in the movie Grease). Luckily at this point I was sober, as I’d of never been able to go on it if I wasn’t, I’d of ended up breaking a leg I’m that clumsy!

Security wise, was top notch and I felt 100% safe when I was there. The amount of police and security on for the weekend was absolutely insane, so a big thank you to them!

The Bands.


So, I managed to see a fair few bands at Download which included,

Machine Gun Kelly, Astroid Boys, Four Year Strong, Five Finger Death Punch, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, System Of A Down, A Day To Remember, Biffy Clyro, In Flames, Steel Panther, Alter Bridge and Aerosmith.

The definite highlights out of that lineup being Machine Gun Kelly, Good Charlotte, A Day To Remember and Biffy Clyro, as they put on absolutely phenomenal shows, and I’d pay money to go and see them again, 100%!


So, that is my short and sweet blog on Download 2017! I hope the line up is just as good as next year, as I’ll be going again! Really do believe what they say about Download, everyone is friendly and it’s more like family than a festival full of strangers, so if you think you might be up for going, definitely give it a bash! I just don’t think I can eat another hot dog or burger for a while, as I am sick to death of seeing them!




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