May Favourites

So, for once in my life I was organised and actually kept a note of everything I was loving in May! Go Me! Throughout the month of May my favourite products were strong and I am still loving everything I’m mentioning, and it honestly won’t surprise me if these favourites are the exact same for June to.. but of corse it can’t be, as that would be pretty boring! I hope you enjoy my favourites!

Too Faced Sketch Liner

In my eyes nothing beats the Kat Von D tattoo liner, but this is pretty damn close, and it’s my go to liner at the moment. I love a good pen liner, it applies well and is also super easy to apply. This also glides on really well, and doesn’t smudge as i’ve shed a few tears in this liner as i’m a super emotional person, but this has stayed put through all the breakdowns.. yay!

Scrubs | TV Show

Ok, I hold my hands up and admit I only started watching this in May, I’m sorry guys, I know how amazing it is now and not sure why I put off watching it for so long, and the fact I never actually watched it when it was originally on TV! I am now on season 4, which I am pretty proud of and my binge watching is pretty on point, as I’ll no doubt be finished it by the end of June! This is just a super funny comedy but also really tugs at your heart strings to, as theres a few times I’ve cried like a baby!

Hailee Steinfeld | Music

I recently re-discovered Hailee Steinfeld and not sure why I stopped listening to her in the first place! Her music is GIRL POWER, and she is, I feel very different to all the other female artists out there right now. Her EP Haiz is amazing and I’d definitely recommend listening, as there isn’t one song that I am not obsessed with! Her new single Most Girls is out now, and super catchy, so definitely check that out to!

Peached Tea

I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like tea or coffee but after buying this as I had heard that Iced Tea was amazing, and I had to try it, it’s my new found love and absolutely obsessed with it! I have only ever tried the peach tea from Lidl, but I am definitely thinking of making my own iced tea at home as dying to try different fruity tea!

Barry M Nail Polish | Pink Ice & Chai

I have that many nail polish that I could sell them to the drugstores, but yet I still buy more as apparently 100 pots of nail polish isn’t enough. I went into Superdrug and came across these gorgeous shades, which I actually haven’t stopped wearing since I purchased them! I love this gel effect grey in the shade ‘chai’ and this gorgeous shimmer pink in the shade ‘pink ice ‘. Two shades I’d 100% recommend, and that I have recommended as now myself, my Mum and boss at work all wear the exact same nail polish.. how cool are we!

Baby Lashes Mascara | L’Oreal

I can’t stop obsessing over this mascara, and it’s that good I even recommended it to my best friend Louise as she is always looking out for an amazing new mascara. This doesn’t apply clumpy, and super easy to take off and doesn’t pull out your lashes when trying to take it off! It also makes my lashes super¬†long and luscious and will definitely be purchasing again!

Dork Face Designs

Dork Face Blog is a blog I have followed for a while, and when I realised she was actually selling her art on Etsy, I was constantly have a peek on to see what new things she was releasing! So, finally¬†after ages of looking and not buying I purchased these pieces of art from her, and they are so stunning! I can’t wait to put these up in my new place and show them off to everyone as she has a super talent and it should be recognised!

The Youngs | Youtube

Supporting my fellow Scots this vlogging family are my new favourites and constantly sitting at night with my pjs on, painting my nails catching up on their videos! I have actually been watching them for a few months now, but I am just a bit forgetful and keep forgetting to add them to my favourites! If you love vlogging families like the Saccone Jolys or Dailybumps, definitely click that link!


What are your favourites for the month of May? Let me know in the comments below! Do we have any that are the same?



    • karinahe
      June 5, 2017 / 8:50 pm

      Amazing isn’t she!? Yes! Any other iced teas you like? really want to try out more! X

  1. karinahe
    June 5, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Oh I definitely need to there and try that, as have a major craving for iced tea rn! xx

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