Tips On Packing For Festivals

Packing for anything to me is the biggest stress, especially a festival as if I forget anything, there isn’t a high street store to jump into a grab something similar. However, saying that Download is pretty great and has a wide variety of shops that I can jump into if I forget anything! So, here are my tips for packing for a festival and also the tips I used for when I went to Download 2 weeks ago!

Write a list!

This helped me so¬†much and it kept me very organised! I am constantly writing lists, so it’s not different when it comes to going away somewhere! Thankfully I didn’t forget anything! Result!

The Bag

So, instead of going out and buying a new bag to take away with me to a muddy festival, I asked about to see if anyone had a spacious bag that I could take along with me, and that they didn’t mind me getting it muddy! Luckily my Dad came to the rescue, and handed me over a bag that is almost the same size as me!

The Drink

I was smart and bought the most of my drink months in advance so I wasn’t forking out on loads all at the same time and being skint after it! The main issue was, HOW do I take it in with me? In this case we luckily had a car, so we went back and forth to collect our drink, but if you aren’t lucky enough I’d honestly look into buying trolleys like this and this or even using the blue ikea bags as they are really sturdy!

Packing Clothes

From past experience being caught in rain, it’s not fun starting off your weekend with damp clothes if your bag gets wet. That’s were plastic bags come in! I packed each outfit I was wearing for each day in a plastic bag, and tied it. Therefore if it rained my clothes wouldn’t get wet, only the bag! This is honestly the biggest life saver!

Come prepared!

We took a bag filled with the essentials like dry shampoo, shampoo, plasters, allergy tablets, toiletries, toilet roll etc in a blue ikea bag. It may be extra baggage but you’ll never know when you might need those things, and they are usually a lot more expensive to buy at festivals if you forget them!



Here are just 5 tips I used, and that were successful on my festival camping weekend! Do you have other tips? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know some more!



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