My 23rd Birthday | What I Got


I think my 23rd birthday was one of the most chill birthdays i’ve ever had! I woke up at 9, blasted Twenty One Pilots while getting ready then went and seen my parents and went to the Chocolate Factory with Catriona and ate my weight in cake, then spent dinner at my boyfriends and ended the day with going to my Nanas. It was so perfect! I feel like as I get older my family are way more generous and it still shocks me and what they get me. I honestly feel the luckiest person ever, and so grateful! Here is what I got from my family and friends for my 23rd birthday *cries about getting old*.

From my family this year I wasn’t expecting much due to me just asking for money for a new camera so I can really get stuck into my Youtube channel! However, some of them went beyond that and got me a gift as well which I am so grateful for!


Mum and Dad

They totally spoiled me this year and I received a Fitbit, Headphones, the Too Faced Natural Love palette and money towards my camera! These are all things I actually really wanted so they done good! I’m also excited about my fitbit as it will motivate me more to go to the gym!

Other Family Members

I received a lot of money which I am super grateful for, Little Mix perfume and a rose gold Michael Kors bag which I am still in total shock about! I mean look how gorgeous it is! I still haven’t seen most of my other family members, but anything I do get I will post on my Instagram!


Colin and his family

From Colin I got a night away in Glasgow with a nice meal out and Machine Gun Kelly after which I am SO excited for and the Morphe 35f palette! The boy done VERY good! Also of his family we got a joint birthday meal voucher out (his birthday is the day after mine) and I got a clothing voucher!


Catriona and Ming (it’s a nickname, not an actual name, haha) I received the most gorgeous necklace, prosecco and a lush bath bomb and I still haven’t seen Louise yet, but I know whatever she gets me is always amazing!!


I can’t wait to show you the new camera I get with the money I received, it might take me a bit of times as we are moving flats but once I get it expect youtube videos up every Tuesday!!




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