I recently done a video all about these metallic lipsticks I’m mentioning, here, but I also like to write a blog post as well for those who prefer to sit and read with a cup of tea at night!

I love a lip kit, especially lip kits you can buy on the high street for an affordable price! I recently purchased the new metallic range from Primark in the shade ‘ Molten Bronze’, Barry M Matte Me Up in ‘Allure’ and Makeup Revolution ‘Worth It’. I thought i’d write my honest opinion on each and rate each out of 10 to give you a rough idea how I think they are, as there is nothing worse than going out and wasting your money on a product which isn’t worth the money!


L-R: Primark, Makeup Revolution & Barry M.

Primark | Molten Bronze

I was super excited to try this as it was only £3 and such a pretty colour! However, as soon as I opened this out the packaging it was slimy and honestly felt disgusting which was a complete turn off! However, slimy packaging aside, I first applied the lip pencil which was pretty tough to apply and definitely didn’t glide on, so all my hope was going on the liquid lipstick… which just did not work! It went on quite blotchy and I re-applied this a few times and still couldn’t fall in love with this product, even if it was a pretty colour! I also done a food and drinks test with this as well, and it wasn’t long lasting at all. So I gave this a 2/10!

Barry M | Allure

I didn’t actually know these metallic lip kits by Barry M existed so I was really excited to buy this! This lip kit is £6.99, and I already actually own a matte lip kit from their range, so I had high hopes that the metallic lip kit would be just as good! The packing it comes in is gorgeous and wasn’t slimy like the Primark work.. what a bonus!  The lip pencil glided on and was super soft to apply! However, when it came to the star of the show, the liquid lipstick, I was not convinced at first! It was quite watery to apply and it really put me off, but the finishing result was beautiful so that really confused me on what I was going to rate this! I then however, tried having a bite to eat and drink with this and it didn’t budge once, RESULT! 9/10.

Makeup Revolution | Worth It

I’ve never tried a lip product by Makeup Revolution before, and this was a last minute purchase to add to this blog/video. I love a dark lip, so a metallic dark lip was right up my street and for £6 you can’t really go wrong! The application of this went smooth, the pencil was easy to apply and the liquid lipstick went on great to, however it was super sticky! I tend to love a lip product were you can’t actually feel the product on your lip, but this really was noticable and was starting to annoy me after a while! It did look stunning on and was one of my favourite colours I tried as I feel darker lipsticks suit me better, however this just wasn’t for me! I will however wear this as the colour is so beaut! The food and drinks test was also a bit of a fail, with it not being long lasting.. boo! 4/10.


Have you ever tried any of these products out? And what were your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below!




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