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First of I want to say I’ve posted a video all about this here. But if you prefer to read rather than watch videos then keep on reading.

I have suffered from a stutter from as long as I can remember and went to speech therapy when I was about 7, but honestly thought that it was a normal thing to do and that everyone went to one!

Definitely in the past 6 months though, I’ve seen it at my worst and really struggle when I am telling stories to other people, but day to day conversations are completely fine, which as you can imagine is really frustrating and it gets me down a lot! Something that always sticks with me is someone said to me ‘ I’m hanging about you that much I’ve picked up a stutter’ which first of all, it isn’t contagious, but i was more upset than annoyed and cried a lot over it and went into my shell more than I ever had and didn’t ever want to hold conversations with people.

I am glad to say now I have gained most my confidence back and that’s down to my boyfriend helping me and making sure when it gets bad, he tells me and offers me help if I need it! I thought I’d give you four tips on what has helped me and to this day I still use these… or well try to when I remember!


Tip 1.

Read out loud.

This is one that has helped me the most I’d say, but also one I have stopped doing as I tend to get embarrassed when I read aloud as I feel like i’m a kid again! Definitely try this though as it really does help, and helps you form better structure of sentences and how you say them. I’ve also read that rapping to music helps to which I haven’t tried but might start to see what the results are like!

Tip 2.


Maybe a pretty simple one to you, but to me I forget to and it DRIVES ME INSANE! I recently found out I can’t breathe through my nose properly, which I knew I always struggled with but finding out that it’s not my fault was a sigh of relief! I’ll be doing a totally different blog on that though, as right now it’s still ongoing! So with my nose problems I have to totally rely on breathing through my mouth, so when I say sentences i forget to breathe, then stumble on my words and it can really stress me out! I definitely recommend that when you feel a word coming up you can’t say, to, stop, breathe and then continue as you will get a sentence out without any stumbles.

Tip 3.

Pronounce Your Words

This is one I’ve struggled coming to terms with i’d say. Definitely splitting words up like ‘yourself’ for instance, but saying it as ‘your’ breathe ‘self’ so you take a breathe in between and get words out in full without mucking up. You will also know yourself what you struggle with the most as it can usually be certain letters at the start of words. Mine are K, C, S and Y! Which is unfortunate for me as my name starts with a K and my boyfriends starts with a C. So definitely practise on the letters you struggle with the most!

Tip 4.

Don’t Overthink

My biggest problem is overthinking what I need to say, which stresses me out even more! When I want to say something I sit and say it over and over again and I do it that much when I eventually do say the sentence it doesn’t come out or I get stuck on words. That is the most frustrating thing, as I know what I want to say but I just can’t let myself say it. Something that does help is trying to switch your brain off and let it come naturally as when I do that it does actually work!


Here are 4 tips that are helping me and I hope they help you do if you suffer from one! Please let me know in the comments any other advice and tips you have as i’d love to hear them!




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