The last few months I haven’t had any favourites as I honestly hadn’t came across any new products that made me fall in love, that or the fact I’m not made of money and can’t always go out and spend it on expensive things! This month however, I have favourites to talk about.. horrah! So here are my August favourites, let me know in the comments below if we have any of the same for this month!

Aldi Candle | No 2

The hype about these when they got released about a month back was crazy! Basically the are meant to be like Jo Malone candles, an affordable dupe of the candles that usually cosy £40! However, these are at a super affordable price of £3.99! I have the scent Blackberry Bay, and even though i’d say it doesn’t smell of blackberries, it does smell really yummy, that yummy in fact I have 3 of these burning in my flat. A little obsessive? maybe!

Morphe 35F Palette

The palette of dreams, and a palette everyone needs to purchase for Autumn/Winter! I recently mentioned this in my ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ post, but this has definitely been a huge favourite of mine throughout August! It has the most beautiful shades, and most being shimmer, which I LOVE! Super pigmented and also super affordable! Grab it now before it runs out of stock!

Too Faced | Natural Love Palette

Every time I look at this palette, I fall in love a little more! Every shade is absolutely stunning, and I can’t get over how fantastic the names are for each shade too, with ‘bunny nose’ definitely being my favourite! Too Faced is up there with my favourite makeup brands ever and I hope you can all try out this palette!

Sweater Weather Jumper | Pretty Little Thing

Autumn has definitely sneaked upon us, and that mean cosy jumpers, wooly tights, ankle boots and skirts, which lets be honest I am super excited for! I came across this retro jumper while hunting through Pretty Little Thing and couldn’t not buy it! I just love everything about this, and I also love a good slogan jumper! This is over sized so definitely don’t go a size bigger as I am a size 10 and it’s like a dress on me!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow

This has previously been mentioned in a favourite, but recently i’ve found my love for this, and had to add it back in! For a while I was using different brow products, but went back to this when I came across it one day. The reason why it’s in my favourites is purely down to my friend, Lauren who mentioned how much better my brows looked and it’s all down to this little pot here!

Fifty Shades Darker

This is definitely a movie franchise some people either love or hate. I on the other hand love this and was super excited to grab the dvd when it came out! This is 100% better than the first movie, as it goes into a lot more detail on Christian Gray and his past, and not so much about sex! I know some people only watch it for the sex scenes, but honestly finding out a lot more about his past definitely put a lot of pieces of the puzzle together, especially when things were mentioned in the first movie that you weren’t to sure about and wanted to put a face to the name! So honestly, give it a watch!


Iphone 7

Since the Iphone 7 was released I’ve been harping on to my Dad to change our contract and get these as I always rate them highly (apart from the Iphone 6s as I had loads of problems with it). So, when our contract ran out, my Dad decided to see what the fuss was about! Now, having the Iphone 6S, I wasn’t sure how different they would be, but honestly I’ve seen a huge change! For starters the Iphone 7 is a lot faster, and the camera is 10x better than any phone i’ve had! Also, another feature which I love is that when you take a picture you can put it to ‘live’ which records the few seconds before the picture is taken, so you can relive that picture which I think is really special!

Jane The Virgin

I’ve been watching Jane The Virgin now for about a year, and recently when Netflix aired season 3 I couldn’t wait to watch it, and found my love for the TV show again! Now don’t get me wrong, when I seen adverts for this I wasn’t keen, but honestly give the show a chance as it’s fantastic! It’s full of laughter, tears and deaths.. a lot of deaths which I was shocked about! Also, there are a lot of shock reveals and episodes sometimes end on a cliff hanger and you just have to know what happens next! My favourite has to be Michael, and if you do watch it you will know the heartbreak I feel over Michael, but i’m not going to give any of that away!

Courtelizz1 | Youtuber

I’ve been watching Courtney now for the last few months, and when she put up the video of her finding out she had a tumour on the brain it made me cry! She is such a strong woman, and watching her progress on her youtube is super inspiring! She is definitely a inspiration to me, and makes me now not take life for granted and chase my dreams, as you really don’t know what’s around the corner!

Leave me your links in the comments below, i’d love to know your August favourites!



  1. September 3, 2017 / 3:57 am

    Jane The Virgin is such a funny show! I loved it. Waiting for the new season to come out!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • karinahe
      September 3, 2017 / 10:51 am

      It is, isn’t it! Oh me to, i cant wait to find out what happens next!

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