First of, lets just say I don’t. Juggling blogging and now youtube with a full time job is hard, and a struggle I deal with most days as I feel like I never get time to just sit back and relax! Blogging itself is a full time job with writing, photography and constantly having to keep your social media up to date, promoting and be as active as possible on each social media account, phew! Yes it’s a little stressful, but something I will never give up as it’s something I love and to me, an escape! So, here are the tips I have to help you along a bit, if like me you work as well as blogging/youtube!

Tip 1


This is one I’ve only started doing in the last week, and i’m finally starting to get the hang of it! I am one of those people that leave blog posts/youtube videos until either the day, or day before! So I’ve started writing out blogs and filming youtube videos on a Saturday/Sunday so throughout the week I don’t have such a stress on my shoulders of writing out blog posts straight after work! This honestly makes your stress levels go from 100 to 0, and makes you also feel super organised!

Tip 2


Organisation means stationary, and cute stationary at that! I have a slight obsession with stationary, and I mean who doesn’t when you can buy marble notebooks and baby pink and copper pencils? I have a notebook for youtube planning, blog ideas and now I’m buying a bullet journal to keep me even more organised, which I can’t wait to get started, even if I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!

Tip 3


I am really bad at this, and never really believed in scheduling as I usually just promote as I am active on my social media, and that way I interact with people who either comment on my tweets etc, but I’ve came to now realise that it definitely saves times and with having a job it saves the stress and worry about having to remember to promote every day! So, i’m back to using tweet deck, which I find is perfect for the job of scheduling.. and well, it get’s the job done!

Tip 4


Sometimes when things are rough you can start to hate blogging and youtube! Trust me, I’ve been there! Set realistic goals each month, and I mean realistic, not over aiming to hit certain subs or follows and views! I mean, for example, this month I have 431 followers on Bloglovin’ and my monthly goal for the end of September is to be at 450 followers! That means, I’m not stressing myself out over my goals and pushing myself to get 500! Which would be a little more difficult to get! It also can put the fun a little back into blogging and youtube, as setting little goals for yourself and successfully completing them can be pleasing and push you a little harder once you start seeing progress!


Do you have tips you want to share about blogging or doing youtube with a full time job? Let me know in the comments below!





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