It’s rare i’ll buy a product and see the results straight away, so I thought i’d write a post on the Eve Lom Cleanser that completely changed my skincare routine, and how my skin looks!



Growing up my skin has always been bad for spots, and it’s something I’ve always suffered with! However, over the last few years my skin totally cleared up and I honestly thought I got past the ‘bad skin’ phase. WRONG. The last few months my skin flared up and back arrived those dreaded spots I oh so love, and I didn’t know what to do! I tried everything and nothing seemed to work.. until I came across the Eve Lom cleanser!

I received this Eve Lom cleanser in a LookFantastic box, and can honestly say it’s completely changed my skin and can’t believe i’ve ever lived without it! I started using this about a week ago now, and the day after I noticed a difference, which I was completely shocked about! For the first time in years my skin felt clean, yes that’s weird but there is something about this product that makes you skin feeling and smelling super, super clean! However, I’m not a massive fan of the way it smells, but that just mean that it’s going to be a good product! It’s what I tell myself anyway!

The only downfall about this product is that it’s £55 for a pot, and it’s £55 I usually don’t have to spare, but I might need to find a way to start putting money aside for this as it’s incredible, and not sure if I can live without it! I mean, I hope the Eve Lom pot I got from LookFantastic lasts a lifetime, but I highlight doubt that! (But a girl can dream)


Have you ever tried any Eve Lom products, or any product similar? Please leave your comments down below!






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