Sitting at home 14,500th in the queue on Beauty Bay, I lost all hope of ever getting this palette, but to my shock to actually click ‘add to basket’ and it also costing £37 instead of the usual morphe palette price of £22, I type my card details into my laptop, possibly the fastest I’ve ever typed in my life, and hit ‘complete’. Fast forward 4 days and this lands on my doorstep, and now you can see why I am so excited! THE PALETTE OF DREAMS!

I am still shook at how beautiful this palette is. Every single shade is perfect, and completely different to anything I’ve ever owned, as I’d never put a turquoise with shimmery baby pinks, but somehow it works! I was that excited about this palette, and the shades I took it into work in a bag for life, as you know.. glamorous! and waved it in everyones faces, begging them to get it as it’s the most beautiful palette I own!

The pigment in this palette is INSANE! A tiny swipe of your brush on a shade, and it applies beautiful to the eye, and I honestly  cannot wait to show you all the looks I come up with you, as I am feeling some serious mermaid vibes with this palette! This palette has 17 shimmer shades and 18 matte! So a great combination as some people prefer shimmers, and others matte!

Down below I have swatches all the shimmers in one picture, and all the mattes in the other so you can get a good look and see which you prefer, and hopefully fall in love with this palette as much as I have!


All I can say is, Jaclyn Hill I’d be super proud of this palette, as it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I hope one day I will be as lucky as you, and have someone blog their love for one of my own palettes!


Do you own this? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on it!


  1. October 16, 2017 / 3:42 am

    Such a stunning palette! I need it in my life. I just wish their shipping & all that extra stuff was a little cheaper!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • karinahe
      October 16, 2017 / 9:07 pm

      I totally agree! If you live in the Uk it’s now on beauty bay!

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