Why is it October? I honestly feel I always write these and ask why the month has just completely vanished, but seriously though, as much as I don’t want the months to go this fast, I am super excited for Autumn now and that Halloween is just around the corner! So, here are my monthly favourites for the month of September! It’s not a lot, but it’s something!

Falling | Jane Green

This book, THIS BOOK!! I am still getting over it, and I cried at this, a lot! This is a book everyone needs to read, as it will give you all the feels! After reading this it honestly gave me a new lease of life! I read this and got motivated, it made me want to do something with my life, change my job, follow my dreams and I love when a book grips you like that! Also, this book made me realise anything can happen, and not to take life for granted. That is all i’m saying, as I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone!

Colour Correction Concealer | Collection

I feel right now, I am constantly raving about Collection and how fantastic, yet affordable they are! This colour correction concealer is fantastic, and for the price you can’t go wrong! This has become a makeup bag essential and can’t wait to try out the yellow colour correction concealer, which is the only one I don’t have yet!

Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette

This has been my go to palette throughout September, and I am totally in love with it! This is the perfect autumnal palette and I recommend everyone to get it, at the amazing price of £10! It’s super affordable, and makeup revolution are totally upping their game right now! It just shows you that high street brands can be just as amazing!

Taylor Swift

Now, Taylor is no stranger to anyone, and if she is, you are living under a rock! Now, that her music is back on spotify (finally) I have been spending most my car journeys blasting her music, singing my heart out and reliving my 15 year old heartbreak through her songs! I mean, you’d be lying if you said not one of her songs reminded you of that bad breakup! I am also loving the new Taylor though, and probably one of the handful that does like her new music!

Velvet Boots | Public Desire

The stunning boots haven’t been loved by me much over the last few months, but I dug them out and now I want to wear them wherever I go, as I mean, just look how stunning there are! I have linked almost identical ones to this post as unfortunately I couldn’t find the pair I own!

Lord & Berry Lipstick | Kiss

This gorgeous bright red is a red everyone needs to have in the makeup collection! Definitely bringing out my Taylor Swift vibes with this one, who would of guessed with her being another favourite of mine! This is super long lasting, and I honestly just cant rave about this lipstick enough! Lord & Berry are definitely a brand I will be buying more from as I absolutely love their products so far! (linked similar one to the one I own).


What are in your monthly favourites for September? Link me your blog posts and youtube videos in the comments below!





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