Over a year ago now I wrote a blog post on the 25 things I want to do before I’m 25, blog post here. So, I thought I’d do an update on how I’m getting on, and if i’ve actually managed to achieve any of them as I only have 2 years left to do so! 

Out of the list of 25 things I wrote to do before 25, I have only achieved 5 things, which to be honest isn’t a lot at all as I wrote that blog post in 2016 and it’s almost 2018! However, at least 5 is a start right? The 5 things I’ve achieved so far are:

Going to a booksigning

Going back to Download Festival

Starting a Youtube Channel

Having a night with my high school group of friends

Talking to more people


Some of the things I mentioned above are some of the things I never thought i’d actually ever do! I’ve managed to go to 2 book singings, I went to Download this June and hopefully going back in June 2018, I started my Youtube channel in June and absolutely loving it so far and can’t wait to see what the next year brings, I had a night out with my high school group of friends in January and hopefully mange to squeeze in another night out before this year ends and lastly, I have managed to talk to more people as I can get slightly awkward, and made some new friends, and friends that I know will be friends for life!

As I said, I haven’t achieved as many goals as I hoped but my aim for next year is to achieve at least 6 more of my goals.. wish me luck!



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