Every once in a while on my blog I like to put up something a little personal, so I can look back on this in years to come, and have all the memories come flooding back. On the 28th of October I went to Tom Fletcher’s book signing in Glasgow for his recent book ‘The Creakers’. 

If you don’t know who Tom Fletcher is, he is in the band Mcfly, and I’ve been a fan of them since I was 8 and a half, I am now 23! So yeah, a pretty long time! Any possible chance I get i’ll go and meet Mcfly or any member of them, so when I heard Tom was doing a book signing I had to be there! This time however was special, as I got to bring along my best friend, Louise.

I met Tom last December at his previous book signing, and finally got to show him my Galaxy Defenders tattoo (Mcfly fans will know what that means) and he absolutely loved it, loved it that much he took a picture of it on his phone, yes HIS phone. (Pictures below). So, I was eager to ask if he remembered that tattoo he took a picture of almost a year ago!



An hour waiting, and many makeup and hair checks later, we finally were standing in front of Tom, and Louise was priceless as we got closer, noticeably a lot more excited than I was! My time arrived and I walked up to Tom and we had a great short chat. He asked how I was, I mentioned my tattoo and he remembered it and myself! Then when I left he said “it was nice to see you again”. YEP I could of melted there and then, but I kept my cool until after I walked out those doors!

I feel so super lucky, and grateful that I have got to meet my idol so many times now, and that he remembers me! Have you ever met Tom, or any other member of mcfly? Leave me your stories of it in the comments down below!



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