I love receiving skincare products, as skincare products is one think I never tend to buy, which I feel like I should as there is nothing better than treating your skin to some new products! Sebamed got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some of their products and a few days later they arrived on my door step. I’m still testing these out, but I thought I’d give you my review so far on how I’m getting on with them. 

Lip Balm

This time of year, as most people probably can agree, lips get chapped, and dry and don’t look pretty at all. This is the one thing I was most excited about when I opened my package from them. In the job I’m in I am constantly going from warm to cold and my lips definitely take it the worst as i’ll come home most days with super dry lips and end up having to rummage about in my flat looking for something to save them. This so far has been a COMPLETE lifesaver, and it’s constantly in my handbag or pocket wherever I go! I apply this also before I put on my lipstick and my lips have never felt so hydrated!

Hand & Nail Cream

Hand cream is something I don’t own, and it’s the one thing also in the colder months that get quite cracked, and so far this seems to be doing the job! It leaves your hands feeling super soft after, and I also has a very subtle scent, almost a scent that isn’t there, so it’s not a super overpowering smell you get, which I feel what happens with most hand creams! For the helping nails and making them less prone to breaking, I’m not sure i’ll ever find that out as I get my nails done every month so they constantly have a gel coat on them! I’m really interested to see if that does work though!

Night Intense Cream

This cream you apply to your skin at night (obviously, hence the word night cream) and apply to the dry areas of your face and neck. What I suffer with the most is a dry nose, so using them primarily on my nose, I’m starting to notice a difference which I am so impressed with! I also love how this isn’t scented, as I am not a massive fan of heavily scented creams! I can’t wait to give you my final review on this product, as so far I am loving it! Also, another bonus, once taking off the seal to get to this cream I was pleasantly surprised that this was pretty much full to the brim of product, as some skincare brands can be a little stingy with their product and fill the tub just above half full. Well done Sebamed, I am super impressed!


Have you tried Sebamed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below as I’d love to hear them!



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