The £6 Foundation I Can’t Get Enough Of!

I am very much a high street girl through and through these days, taking a step back from the higher end brands! Which, surprisingly I am loving as I am saving money, and finding products from brands that I’d never thought I’d try! A year or so ago I was sent some Seventeen products and loved them, so when I was recommended the ‘Seventeen Stay Time Foundation‘ by my best friend Louise (who i feel like suggests every amazing product to me) I had to try it out!

I used to spend £22 on foundation, and £22 over the months can add up, so I decided to step away from the high end foundation and spend the £6.49 on Seventeen foundation, praying that it was high coverage and actually done the job. And boy  does that foundation WORK! I am so surprised that I am loving it more than my MAC foundation which I honestly never thought I’d be able to find a foundation as much as I loved that one!

A tiny bit of the foundation goes a long way, so you honestly need to use the smallest of drops on the back of your hand, and it stays on the whole day! The only issue I seemed to have was if your skin is dry it shows, which unfortunately I suffer super bad from, but most foundations I own are always showing my dry patches of skin so this really isn’t a deal breaker for me, as I’d still buy this again and 100% recommend this to anyone who wants a cheap high coverage foundation!


Have you ever tried out this foundation? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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