Spencer’s Favourite Festive Treat!

At this time of year you can’t forget about your furry friends, so the hunt for dog treats and toys was on! That’s when I got contacted by PetShop.co.uk asking if they could send Spencer a little gift, which of corse I couldn’t turn down as Spencer 100% loves opening presents more than anyone I know!

What had arrived was something I’ve never seen before, so couldn’t wait to see if Spencer would eat them, as he is a fussy little man! I got sent Turkey Bonios, perfect for the festive season and can’t believe I never knew they done Turkey flavour as they are his favourite treats!

Now, this was a blessing and a curse, as I was so grateful for our treats and so was Spencer, but now every parcel that arrives through our door he automatically now thinks it’s for him (what a diva) and tries to open it! Therefore, no Christmas presents under the tree this year, which I find super hilarious!

Here is the little photoshoot we had trying to get a picture of Spencer and the Turkey Bonio’s which was honestly the most stress I think I’ve ever went through, as he wouldn’t sit still and tried to eat the whole box!



So thank you PetShop.co.uk, you have made one little boy very happy with Christmas treats and I can’t thank you enough for thinking of him!



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